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Reviews on these height adjustable highchairs please

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nappyaddict Mon 27-Oct-08 00:12:04

East Coast Sit Up
M&P Cuisine
Mutsy Easygrow
Mountain Buggy I Can Sit
P&T High pod
Babylo Mandy

Most important things are:

1) Can they be tipped over (Have heard of Svan, Babydan, Tripp Trapp and East Coast Multi Function highchairs tipping backwards)

2) Are they easily cleaned?

Belo Mon 27-Oct-08 16:58:28

We've got the East Coast one. I can't imagine it tipping over. Very sturdy.

As to cleaning, I think wood is not as easy to clean as plastic but if you wipe it down regularly it's ok.

We've had it for almost 6 years now and have been really pleased with it. It's currenlty used by dd2 who is 3. It's also comfortable enough for an adult to sit on so we have used it when we've had large dinner parties. Only problem for us is that it's quite big and doesn't push under the table properly so it sticks out a bit.

Hope this helps.

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