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Hmm...Clarks toddler shoes letting in water. Anyone had this problem?

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SweetApril Sun 26-Oct-08 15:35:55

Hi. I bought some "Maddy Fay" style Clarks shoes (well, more like little ankle boots) for my 19-month-old DD. They are dark purple with red/pink flowers on the front and a little butterfly. First time she stepped out in dewy grass her socks got completely soaked inside at the toes and it took ages to dry the shoes out. They are stitched around the top of the foot so I thought maybe they weren't properly sealed and the water was coming in through the stitching. Local Clarks near me (not where I bought them) said it shouldn't have happened but didn't have the size to change them. Took them to branch where I did buy them and they were really horrible, aggressive and defensive, and said that they didn't guarantee any of their shoes to be waterproof and there was nothing they could do. After much standing my ground they gave me another pair but said they would def not exchange or refund again. I felt awful afterwards as I hadn't expected a fight at all.

I bought a boot style in the first place specifically because I thought it would keep her feet drier. Really, at nearly £30 a pair, I wouldn't expect toddlers shoes to leak like this. Now I'm paranoid about taking her out in them unless it is a dry sunny day! Anyone else had the same problem?

Jbck Sun 26-Oct-08 15:51:17

Not with children's but I'm in the middle of an email arguement over boots I bought for myself. Exactly the same thing & sound a similar style. I'm taking them into nearest shop end of this week & hopefully get some satisfaction. This was their first response.

'Thank you for taking the time to e-mail us. Your Lamp Light boots are designed to be weather resistant, and using water repellent treatments can help maintain this protection.

To make leather fully waterproof it needs to be coated or lined, which does affect its natural breathability. Because of this we only make a few styles that are guaranteed to be waterproof.

*Because you feel the problem with your Lamp Light boots is caused by something other than saturated leather*, we need you to take them back to the shop, with your receipt.

The manager will be able to look at them to see if there might be a fault in the construction that's letting water in. If you can't get back to the place where you bought them, the nearest Clarks shop should be able to help you.'

I made no such suggestion just stated I'd been out in the rain but not in puddles as I'm not a toddler grin. You'd think boots could cope with a bit of wet.

Hope you get it sorted they're blooming dear enough without being rubbish too.

SweetApril Sun 26-Oct-08 16:02:44

Thanks Jbck. Saturated leather?! How mad is that? Do they think you've been swimming in them? I did ask one of the three shop assistants (who all stood there scowling at me with their arms crossed) whether if she wore a pair of boots in wet grass that she'd expect to have soaking wet feet and she said yes!! Methinks they are programmed by Clarks not to admit to any faults ever in their shoes.

Good luck with your boots. Stand firm if they give you grief. wink

mogwai Wed 29-Oct-08 14:19:52

I have a pair of Clark's shoes that let in water even if you just walk on damp pavements. They also have stitching across the top as you describe.

I wiped a mark off them with a babywipe and got wet socks.

This can't be right - I took them back to the shop and got the same defensive arm folding.

Needless to say I no longer buy Clark's!

stressed2007 Wed 29-Oct-08 20:37:44

Customer service in shop and central customer servce for Clarks is absolutely shocking in my experience

SweetApril Thu 30-Oct-08 14:34:06

Maybe I just think Clarks are good because they were the "sensible" (ie deeply uncool and boring) shoe store of my childhood. I might start a new thread when I'm due to buy DD's next pair to find out if there are any decent brands. Don't know if Start-rite are still good, I don't like many of their styles tbh. Quite like Kickers and Ecco but they're so expensive - and do they really know their stuff when it comes to toddlers shoes or are they just jumping on the "cute mini shoes" bandwagon? hmm

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