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Activity, first steps walkers - one that doesn't speed along wooden floor?

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cheekychopsmum Sun 26-Oct-08 10:52:33

Hi, I bought a vtech first steps walker, which my 1o month old son loves but it goes too fast for him. I have to hold it whilst he walks, but if I go out of the room he jumps up on it and races across the floor. I have had to take it way cos he just can't keep up with it, which seems a shame. It will probably be more appropriate when he can take steps on his own. So I was wondering if anyone can recommend one that has wheels that aren't so freeflowing as he loves climbing up on things and is constantly cruising round furniture?

leeho Sun 26-Oct-08 11:19:55

We got our little boy one of these and he loves it. You can change the amount of friction applied to the wheels!

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