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How do you take the legs OFF a LeapFrog Learn and Groove Table???

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LavenderTea Sun 26-Oct-08 08:15:52

Am I being intellectually challenged here....???

Instructions only tell you how to put them ON.
Now I did that, put can't get the buggers off...

Help please ...

LavenderTea Sun 26-Oct-08 08:17:01

supposed to say

but can't get the buggers off. NOT "put"

I am being a bit slow today aren't I??

Eddas Sun 26-Oct-08 08:38:18

on ds' there's a button at the top of each leg which you just puch in a pull the legs off.

LavenderTea Sun 26-Oct-08 08:42:00

Thanks for replying so early on a Sunday Morn !!!

But Really ?? I think I am being a bit thick. I really can't see any buttons or tabs to push.

Is yours the small music table and not the centre with the chair in the middle..??

Eddas Sun 26-Oct-08 08:46:03

blush ah yes we have the table blush


LavenderTea Sun 26-Oct-08 08:50:28

No no, that is the same as ours...we have the table too.

It's the one which speaks french and english and has a trombone, piano and maracas ??

Are the buttons on the inside of the leg or the outside, and do you need a tool to push it in ??

Eddas Sun 26-Oct-08 11:21:04

yes that's the onegrin buttons are on the outside of the legs

LavenderTea Sun 26-Oct-08 11:33:51

thanks... They are OFF at last...
Someone else I know has one too and like yours her legs come off pretty easy too. It seems mine is missing those buttons. Anyway I got them off through brute force and a blunt knife, but going to talk to the shop and see if it should be easier.

Thanks for helping though.

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