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Are any of these difficult to clean - M&P Cuisine, Babydan or East Coast Multi Function highchair??

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nappyaddict Sat 25-Oct-08 10:54:22

we borrowed a highchair when ds was 6 months old but that person now needs it back for her own baby who is about to start weaning so we need to get a new one. i quite like the look of these because they are wooden but not sure if they would be easy to clean or not.

nappyaddict Sat 25-Oct-08 10:56:22

oh sorry didn't mean to include Babydan. Have been told Babydan, Svan and Tripp Trapp are all prone to tipping.

nappyaddict Sat 25-Oct-08 11:18:01

btw i meant the east coast sit up or east coast multi function. adding to the list is mountain buggy i can sit.

Psychobabble Sun 26-Oct-08 21:25:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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