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Wii virgin - needs help and advice!!!

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MaggieW Thu 23-Oct-08 11:57:11

We're getting a Wii but I haven't got a clue what we need to buy and what's not necessary. Looking at the Argos catalogue they have a Console with sports as the basic deal for £180, then they have extra packages of Wii Skins - what are they??? They also have another package with a mega accessory pack and docking station(?). Help please - it's a whole new world.

babyjjbaby Thu 23-Oct-08 17:53:20

oh i will be wathcing this thread lol cos i am gonna save up for a wii and haven' a clue what to get

BexieID Thu 23-Oct-08 17:58:55

The skins are the plastic things that go on the remotes and you get them with the Wii. Basically, what you need is:

The Wii console
An extra controller (try getting the play pack) and an extra nunchuk
And any games you want.

Don't bother with accessory packs as they are gimmicks (although are only a fiver in Asda) and anything else.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 23-Oct-08 17:59:19

A docking station that recharges the controllers is worthwhile if you use the console enough. Hard to know what games to buy - we rent them from lovefilm to try to them out.

Skins are pointless, I think, covers for controllers.

Do you play other consoles? What sort of games do you like? Will your kids play with it? How old are they?

AMumInScotland Thu 23-Oct-08 18:04:34

It's worth ending up with 2 controllers and 2 nunchucks - you can get an extra controller with "Wii Play" as a good bundle. Wii skins are covers for the controllers, so you can have them different colours - we haven't bothered with that. Most of the accessories are really not that necessary - they just let you put the controller into a thing shaped like a golf club or tennis racquet instead of holding it directly - it doesn't actually change the way you play the games.

I don't have a docking station - I think it's a recharger for the controllers? I've heard people say they are useful so you don't have to keep buying batteries.

AMumInScotland Thu 23-Oct-08 18:07:32

As far as games go, you'll probably find that the Sports which comes with it plus "Wii Play" which you can get with a second controller will keep you all occupied for a few weeks at least. After that it depends what sort of thing you like.

MaggieW Thu 23-Oct-08 18:42:39

Thanks for that. Is the controller the thing that you wave around?

NotsoCockney, we don't play other consoles, this is our first foray into this area. DS is 7 and DD 5.

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