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Laptop or desktop?

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Yorkiegirl Tue 08-Mar-05 11:04:50

Message withdrawn

throckenholt Tue 08-Mar-05 11:06:51

you get much more for your money with a desktop (laptops usually cost about 1/3 more for the same spec). Also more stealable. But they doo take up less space and you can use them anywhere in the house - particularly if you have wireless. You need to decide if that flexibility is worth paying for.

Hulababy Tue 08-Mar-05 11:07:21

I would go for a desk top. I have both at the moment and I much prefer using my desktop, and I do find they are more reliable than a laptop.

anchovies Tue 08-Mar-05 11:09:23

Desktop if you have the space - much more for your money and easier to upgrade

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 08-Mar-05 11:16:19

We used to have a desktop and I never really liked it. We then got a laptop and I love it.

PC world have some good offers on Laptops.

moonshine Tue 08-Mar-05 11:52:35

I love my laptop, as it means I can surf in the front room, watch dd/ds play and keep an eye on tv! Oh yeah and occasionally dh gets to see me (or vice versa). I can also use it in the kitchen and bedroom cos had telephone points there. Yes you don't get as much for your money but we have never had a problem with ours - it's a Dell. I would always try to get one from a manufacturer direct (like Dell or Mesh etc) as you do usually then get more for your money and can customise them for your needs).

anchovies Tue 08-Mar-05 11:55:14

Despite me saying a desktop ive actually got a dell laptop too! Defo recommend dell. Have got wireless internet as well so can mumsnet anywhere in the house!

suzywong Tue 08-Mar-05 11:57:11

mid-range apple i-book gets my vote

Sponge Tue 08-Mar-05 12:02:49

Depends on your priorities.
With a desktop you'll get a more powerful machine and probably a bigger screen.
With a laptop you get more flexibility with where you use it.
Dell are a good place to look - they make relaiable machines at good prices and they make each one to order so you can configure exactly the spec you want.
If you choose a desktop use a package with a flat screen included as your start point - they look nicer and save a lot of space.

lou33 Tue 08-Mar-05 12:04:43

sony vaio laptop here

BubblesDeVere Tue 08-Mar-05 12:07:23

I've also got a Sony Vaio FB415B and love it. I don't think i'll ever get a desktop again.

iota Tue 08-Mar-05 12:07:59

I much prefer the proper keyboard and mouse that you get with a desktop. I had a laptop for years at work, but most of the time used it in the docking station.

Using a laptop all the time is bad for H&S reasons....but very convenient I do agree

dyzzidi Tue 08-Mar-05 12:12:02

I use a desktop all day at work so when I use my laptop i find it awkward.

I am going to get a desktop at home soon as I also like downloading etc and upgrading is loads easire with a desktop.

GeorginaA Tue 08-Mar-05 12:16:32

Can recommend Dell regardless of which you choose - good prices, well made, fairly good customer service. We're going the laptop route now simply for space considerations (we're a computer each family... ) - so dh and I have a laptop each and then once the extension is done (yay!) we'll use one desktop in there as the family PC that the kids can use.

But I think if you go the laptop route, you have to be prepared to spend a bit extra for the spec you need - you pay for the convenience.

mrsflowerpot Tue 08-Mar-05 12:16:43

You would almost certainly get a much higher spec machine for your budget if you went with a desktop (but having said that, I love love love my laptop and the flexibility particularly with a wireless connection and wouldn't change back).

If you go for a Dell, then they have a line called Dell Outlet (you can get to it off their main home page) which has refurbished PCs at a discount - they have mostly not been used, just cancelled orders or machines returned by businesses for some reason. You can get quite good deals there if you're flexible about what you want.

Katherine Tue 08-Mar-05 12:19:35

I've been facing this one myself lately. My old desktop is on its last legs. the kids have an old laptop and its great. I take it out and put it away - no need for a desk and they can work wherever I happen to be. Also my neighbour has a laptop and I find it easy enough to use - and I love the freedom of being able to move around with it.

I spend a lot of time online so moving around will be so refreshing - I'm even hoping to work in the garden so DD2 won't be trapped inside while I work.

Personally I feel the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. OK so you get a more powerful desktop - but you should be able to get a good enough laptop for most peoples needs. Maybe a desktop is more upgreadeable but how likley is it that you will upgrade. In a few years when both laptop and desktop are out of date it won't cost much to get a new one with newer spec - I bet more people do this than upgrade.

I've been looking at dell but find it a bit hard to see what you get for your money - you think you've found one but they give so many options and it changes the price. Fine if you know what you are doing but I don't really. PC world seem to have some good deals and they've been very helpful via email for advice so I will probably go with them.

There are pros and cons for each. Personally I feel the laptop wins but I guess it depends on what is important for you.

hub2dee Tue 08-Mar-05 12:46:48

Laptop for me means no wires, and I love that. Speakers / mic / mouse / screen all built in and can be tidied away / used somewhere else in 2 secs.

Wireless printing, and wireless connection to the hifi for playing your music collection is now possible - esp. easy on the Mac.

If you don't need it for super high tech gaming, but ordinary Web surfing / word processing / address book / calendar / e-mail etc. then a low-spec, cheaper machine would be fine.

With regards to H&S / ergonomics, I run a 17 inch laptop, so huge screen, but even if it was smaller you could plug in a larger screen instead. Full-size wireless keyboard / mouse are also available.

I would not hestiate to recommend a Mac over a PC. You won't spend your entire life battling viruses and spyware and rebooting. Plus you'll feel smug as the hardware is so elegant and the interface is beautiful, and it'll be an absolute doddle to play with your digital photos etc. You also won't need resident IT guru every ten minutes.

Apple do laptops from £700, a new 'cheap' computer you connect up to an existing screen / keyboard / mouse so you can recycle your PC for £340 and two all-in-one computers (PC with screen) - a large CRT one for £550 and a thin LCD one for £900. New flagship store in London if that is useful too.

Worth their weight in gold, I promise.

<<no, not a dealer, just a v. happy user.>>

morningpaper Tue 08-Mar-05 12:51:22

If you get a laptop you will be on mumsnet all day and your house and family will fall apart.

GeorginaA Tue 08-Mar-05 13:22:47

Katherine - if you're not comfortable knowing what you're doing, why not check out PC World, write down the spec then go on Dell's website and use a similar spec? I can virtually guarantee that you'll get a cheaper deal - PC World is usually very overpriced and relies on a customer base that doesn't really know what it's doing

Don't get me wrong, PC World is great for the cheap little bits, like cables, keyboards etc when you don't want to wait for the post, but I'd never buy a PC from them.

GeorginaA Tue 08-Mar-05 13:24:21

Also, try phoning up a few companies like Dell, Mesh, Gateway etc, telling them what your needs are (as opposed to what spec you want) and see what they come up with. You can then collect information and then see which company has the best spec for your price range.

Katherine Tue 08-Mar-05 13:34:16

Thanks GeorginaA - I did try doing that but then got a bit mixed up when I relaised that Dell was giving options rather than a spec. It just makes it very hard to compare them. Will give it another go though. Cheers

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