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Phil & Ted's Pannier Bags 'v' Bac Pac X

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UmSami Wed 22-Oct-08 00:40:06

I'm about to buy a Phil & Ted's Sport for my 2.7yr old DS and DC2, due in a week, but am deliberating about which bag to go with it...
I'm stuck in the back of beyond, and although i can get the pushchair here I will need to get the bag sent to me from the i need to make a decission ASAP...
Has anyone got any experience of either bag, I'm leaning towards the Bac Pac as it can be carried seperately if need be and DH will be ok with carrying it, but i'm worried that it will get in the way of the child at the back...I cant even find a pic of it fitted ti pushh chair...any experience?
Oh I should add,that I'm a just in case type of mum, still take change of clothes for ds1, nappies, food, toys, change mat etc etc, used to carry 3-4 changes when he was a newbie, currently carry baby bjorn clam bag and small kids back pack for toys...that obviously won't work with p&t...please help...

babbintot Wed 22-Oct-08 14:38:59

Message withdrawn

babbintot Wed 22-Oct-08 14:39:40

Message withdrawn

UmSami Thu 23-Oct-08 00:06:29

Hi babbintot, thanks for that...after sending my long suffering stepdad on a P&T mission, I have had to discount the Bac Pac seems it hangs over the rear toddler seat, and obscures your view of a newbie! Sometimes you wonder...
He also suggested the diddie bag, apparantly the mini didi clips onto on the frame of the chair, but is tiny (13" lap top size), he didn't think that the diddie could be hung on the sport (can't get the vibe here yet!) but if you've seen it working, great! Its a real possibility.
I'd not thought about the panniers obscuring views in the rear seat...that makes me wonder...the one downside of the P&T for me is the limited views for no2...the reason we chose it was the width, people do not believe in queing or giving way from your comments its probable that pannier bags won't work...heck i miss the ease of just going and shopping for myself, its so hard to make a decission about a product you've never seen!
Thanks again for your help...and good luck for feb!

belleymum Thu 23-Oct-08 22:17:05

I was looking for the perfect baby changing bag to go my my E3 sport but sadly bought the panniers.
I used to hang a changing bag over the handlebars of my old pushchair but obviously you can't do that as it would dangle over the newbie.
The panniers seemed ok at first but as i use the bus alot they had to be removed all the time and re-attached.The long closing straps get caught up in the wheels too.They could do with a handle of some type so that when you need to remove them and carry for any distance you can. This would then turn them more into a backpack i guess.
So, in essence they are just adequate and i no longer use mine and would rather have spent my money a big across the body handbag/changing bag.
Hindsight is great, isn't it?

blithedance Thu 23-Oct-08 22:32:52

I've been there...

I loved my bacpac, it's absolutely fine, big, sturdy, comfortable. It clips on a treat. Unlike pannier bags, you can carry it around as a rucksack if you need the shopping tray for other things or are leaving the pushchair somewhere.

Photo of it in place (taken for selling my spare one) is here

It's a bit extreme having it on the handles when both seats on, (and not recommended by P&T!) but fine as long as both children are in place, and I personally found it spared my shoulders when laden down with shopping etc, even if you do have to stretch your arms to push. Nothing to stop you using it as a rucksack. Adapt and survive, you know!

When the flatbed is down, it does obscure the view a bit, but no less than any other pushchair with a hood. Why is that such a problem?

UmSami Thu 23-Oct-08 22:40:33

Belleymum, thanks for your leaning towards diddie at moment, just wish someone who'd actually had one would comment...think its a new design though...had thought panniers could be left on when folded, thankyou for correcting me...the on off thing would drive me nuts!

blithedance Thu 23-Oct-08 23:38:58

I see what you mean about the diddie bag - it's really stylish. Reckon you could just hang it over the handlebar - I've seen people strolling around with a messenger type bag over the buggy so it hangs just behind/below the double seat. The bacpac is obviously old news...

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