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Cheapest place for a Wii Fit?

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hunkermunker Mon 20-Oct-08 23:05:16

Nearly £100 on Amazon shock

Surely that's not right?!

Niecie Mon 20-Oct-08 23:55:49

There was a thread about Wii fit today here. There were some links to useful websites.

Looks like all the cheap ones have gone though.

Quattrocento Tue 21-Oct-08 00:28:38

Don't do it. Save the money. It is just another stupid gizmo.

PillowOfDOOM Tue 21-Oct-08 00:40:14

£69:99 in my local blockbusters.

It's fab, got one for my birthday grin

hunkermunker Tue 21-Oct-08 20:25:54

I like stupid gizmos!

Thanks for tips - I might wait till after Christmas, I think!

TequilaMockinBird Tue 21-Oct-08 20:28:04

£64.71 in Asda!

tuesdayafternoon Tue 21-Oct-08 20:28:54

Sign up for the stock alerts, hunker - you can usually get one for £70 (ie £69.99) if you're quick about it.

TequilaMockinBird Tue 21-Oct-08 21:26:39

That's instore by the way.

I picked one up for DD's christmas present a couple of weeks ago in our local Asda Living store for £64.71 and they had loads of them behind the customer services desk!

Maybe worth ringing round the local Asda's and if they don't have any in stock, ask when their next delivery is

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