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Does anywhere do Fleecy type sleepsuits for older children.

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Kaplumbagadort Sun 19-Oct-08 21:55:35

DS1 and DS2 9 and 11 want fleecy type sleepsuits like DD1 and DD2 have. DS2 has one but not sure where from as it was my brothers.
Does anywhere do fairly cheap ones for bigger kids?
Would be great for our cavavan holiday in a just over a week!

pushchair Sun 19-Oct-08 22:07:50

Try Verbaudet and use a code from the money saving/promotional codes thread. I dont know how big they go but I got two-2y and 4y for £7 and free gift! Bargain.

Kaplumbagadort Sun 19-Oct-08 22:10:09

Thanks. Will have a look.

Friendlypizzaeater Sun 19-Oct-08 22:11:46

Mothercare do them for 8 yr olds ...

Kaplumbagadort Sun 19-Oct-08 22:11:59

Brilliant! They go upto 11-12yrs. grin

Kaplumbagadort Sun 19-Oct-08 22:13:01

Bugger! 4wks wait on the bigger vertbaudet ones.

Thanks, will look at mothercare too.

Kaplumbagadort Sun 19-Oct-08 22:21:22

Mothercare only 7-8. sad
Anywhere do fleece pjs instead?

clouded Mon 20-Oct-08 00:45:59

There were some fleece pjs on the Vertbaudet site in bigger sizes and available now. Look under girls' says unisex and they are neutral colours. Look very cosy.

Kaplumbagadort Mon 20-Oct-08 10:21:05

Thanks. Will look for those.

Kaplumbagadort Mon 20-Oct-08 10:23:52

just found these. Bit pricey! They do adult ones too!! grinhmm

pushchair Mon 20-Oct-08 11:44:21

They look good. oops gotta go mouse emerging,cat chasing,dd stinking and nursery run beckoning....

PestoFangsLookGoodOnMeMonster Mon 20-Oct-08 11:49:05

I got dd2 (9) a pair of fleecy pyjamas from Primark. Think they cost £4.

FourArms Mon 20-Oct-08 11:49:55

You can get fleece pj's in Primark for either £3 or £4.

PestoFangsLookGoodOnMeMonster Mon 20-Oct-08 11:51:07

Great minds think alike FourArms wink

Kaplumbagadort Mon 20-Oct-08 11:52:12

Thanks. Will go into primark then! smile Much easier and cheaper.

FangolinaJolly Mon 20-Oct-08 11:57:48

Someone mentioned Matalan also do fleecy sleepsuits for older children,and even adults

FourArms Mon 20-Oct-08 12:02:32

Kaplumbagadort Mon 20-Oct-08 12:07:34

I can look in Matalan too. Thanks. smile

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