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advice please - Jane Powertwin or Phil and Teds E3?

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ashall Mon 07-Mar-05 13:41:16

Hi - I have a 13 mth old and nearly 3 mth old - both dd's . I've been looking at all types of double and tandem buggies and can't decided what to go for. I have narrowed down to either Powertwin or P&T E3 ... have read both neg and pos reports on both. Anyone got any advice?? PLease? Thank you!

anchovies Mon 07-Mar-05 14:23:22


I had a Jane powertrack (not a twin) but it got stolen and have just replaced it with an E3. The E3 is fab, thought it would be good as DS1 will be walking way before next baby so can use it as a single pushchair for the second baby afterwards. It is much lighter and easier to push than the powertrack was, presume this will be the case with the powetwin as well. The powertrack bits all went together vey easily though and the carseat/normal seat combination looks really good. The folding mechanism on the E3s a bit of a pain, trapped fingers and it doesn't stand up or stay together on its own. Other than that though I think its brilliant. Let me know if you've got anymore questions!

nicm Mon 07-Mar-05 18:09:54


i have a kiwi explorer-old version of e3 and i would recommend it. seen someone at a local shopping centre with a jane twin and she had about a 2yo and baby in it. she let me have a quick push and it was really heavy to push and also to tip back as the 2yo was sitting right at the front. but i don't find this with the kiwi. had a 23mo and a 1yo in it. hth

lockets Mon 07-Mar-05 18:15:40

Message withdrawn

ashall Mon 07-Mar-05 18:23:15

Thank you all .... just few more questions re E3 - does it fold up easy and compact - have VW Passat Saloon. Also if 13 mth old goes on bottom seat - will she bump against kerbs etc? I'm 5'9 - will I bump into second seat as I'm walking?

lockets Mon 07-Mar-05 18:27:01

Message withdrawn

ashall Mon 07-Mar-05 19:03:35

Sorry...another question...if toddler sits in back seat - do her feet go in parcel tray? How did you find it for shopping when using as double? Doesn't seem to be place for nappy bag or shopping bags?

ashall Mon 07-Mar-05 21:13:40

Also, when in baby and toddler mode do you have to take second seat off to fold away? Does babygo into baby position with toddler seat on or do you have to put baby in first and then attach the seat? thanks

anchovies Tue 08-Mar-05 10:41:30

Sorry cant really answer the question about the feet in the toddler tray as have never tried it with 2 toddlers, I'm guessing that's the case though.

As for folding the toddler seat does need to be off but it is really easy, it just slides off and folds flat then you can fold the pushchair. Baby can go in with the toddler seat on the top, through the back. It is open but has a clear plastic cover that clips over so you can see but they are protected IYSWIM.

jenkel Tue 08-Mar-05 11:10:38

Think you have found the only disadvantage with the E3, when you have a toddler in the toddler seat they do us the 'shopping tray' as a footrest, so you do have nowhere to put shopping/nappy bags etc. There are E3 panniers that you can buy that fit each side of the E3 to put shopping/nappies in etc. Have a look at the Phil & Teds site for details

anchovies Tue 08-Mar-05 11:14:16

Sorry hijscking the thread a little but was just wondering if I've missed something with the folding? How do you put it down without resting it on the handle? Also how do you get it to stay together?

lulupop Tue 08-Mar-05 13:28:25

I haven't had the powertwin but have a single powertrack. A friend has just got the E3. She loves it, but the only thing is that as the older child gets bigger, it is quite a "wedge" situation to get them in the seat if it's set up for 2 children.

I love my powertrack and find it incredibly lightweight to push, and folding etc v easy too. Interestingly, when I was considering buying it, I was also thinking of the e3 (was expecting 2nd child at time) and I went to the shop in Haywards Heath that someone mentioned below. They gave me all sorts of reasons why I shouldn't buy the powertrack (including the bizarre "You're expecting a girl, and little girls like to sit more forward than boys, and the most upright seat position isn't very upright" - dd, now 10 months, is always perfectly happy and very upright!), and really urged me towards the e3. Only reason I didn't go for it at the time was ds is quite a big child and I cld see he wouldn't fit in it for long. But with the benefit of hindsight, I wonder if perhaps that shop - "Biggest stockist of twin and tandem pushchairs in the southeast" - has something against jane, or gets kickbacks from phil & teds?

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