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The White Company bedding - anyone else had probs?

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CountessDracula Mon 07-Mar-05 13:32:27

DH bought me a divine and very expensive egyptian cotton bedclothes set from The White company. It had a sheen on it so was super soft.

After the first wash, the sheen went.

Now the sheet has gone bobbly. I have only had it for a month. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Millie1 Mon 07-Mar-05 13:37:31

I'm pretty sure that our pillow cases shrunk a significant amount (also egyptian cotton and apparently suitable for dryer) ... I didn't get round to phoning them. Why don't you give them a call cos that's v. disappointing?

CountessDracula Mon 07-Mar-05 13:42:47

I have now, they said return and they will exchange. Not sure I want their stuff again! I bought a fantastic spare set in Asda the other day, really soft, plain white with a few pintucks for about £34! That's cheaper than one sheet from The White Co!

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