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Aaaaaahhhhhh! My new phone wont work!! Help!

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Koshka Thu 16-Oct-08 16:21:49


I have just recievedmy new upgaded phone, its a Nokia N95 8GB.

When i have tried to charge it, it just says

Am trying to register with Nokia ATM so i can try and ask them, but i cannot find anything on the website to help me!!

misi Thu 16-Oct-08 20:43:09

my BIL, a senior bod with 3 says that some phones won't charge unless the chip is inseted properly and that it is registered, I am not sure if your phone is one of those though. silly reply but have you tried taking the chip and battery out and re-inserting them making sure they are pushed firmly into place?

Koshka Fri 17-Oct-08 06:23:38

thank you misi
will try

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