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Mamas & Papas Highchair booster seat

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nicolamumof3 Thu 16-Oct-08 12:40:54

anyone had one of these?


mustsleep Thu 16-Oct-08 12:48:56

yes it was rubbish

our chair has a very slightly curved back and it would just fall off the edge every now again despite being tighteed as much as was possible

we changed our dining room chair for a straight backed one and the same thing continued to happen

now have a handysitt one which is brilliant

nicolamumof3 Thu 16-Oct-08 12:57:54

we have a basic booster, but it lifts luka too high in the chair so he can't get his legs under so i was attracted to this one. but thats not good!

mustsleep Thu 16-Oct-08 14:16:29

mine is not actually a handysitt it;s the cheaper litaff version but it's fab

we originally got the mamas and papas one cos we wanted the chair to push under the table too, the litaff one i have pushes under the table and it folds completely flat so we have been able to take it to restaurants with us and to friends houses wink

nicolamumof3 Thu 16-Oct-08 14:26:10

ooh shall go google the litaff one! Thanks xx

lecohen Thu 16-Oct-08 17:07:23

OMG, just mentioned this to you on your other thread lol, great minds think alike lol

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