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Bubble bath for Mums

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Munchkinola Sun 06-Mar-05 09:23:16

My skin has gone really dry due to weather I reckon. Anyone recommend some lovely moisturising bath stuff? It can be my Mother's Day treat to myself.
I could also do with some moisturising face stuff, but skin is a bit sensitive. I have been using aqueous cream but its too greasy.

Thank you

Beetroot Sun 06-Mar-05 09:41:26

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sun 06-Mar-05 09:41:53

Message withdrawn

bathmummy Sun 06-Mar-05 09:43:14

mmm - just looked at your link beetroot and it looks lovely

Munchkinola Sun 06-Mar-05 09:56:04

I agree Looks lovely thank you beetroot.
Is there any bath stuff on there? I can see some tempting face cream.

Beetroot Sun 06-Mar-05 11:03:12

Message withdrawn

Munchkinola Sun 06-Mar-05 13:10:14

So there is

Thank you

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