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After your brilliant help with DD's b day - any chance with 4 yr old boy gift ideas please?

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Flossish Wed 15-Oct-08 19:47:01

We have some ideas but I'm struggling for the best and just really not sure.

DS has been pointing at every advert on the tele for months and saying 'can I have that for my birthday...' you know the drill.

So I'm basically a bit torn. He loves Ben 10, which I hate and thankfully we have now lost the channel as apparently we only had it in error (so the virgin advisor told DP gleefully as the fault is now rectified!!). I was thinking of the scooter as he's had a go on his cousins and likes and it has the action figures in it.

Were also thinking of the playmobil rescue helicopter, but... we've role play toys and I'm not sure he uses them tbh. So we wondered about maybe getting him a small set to start with and then seeing if he liked with a view to a bigger one at xmas.

He is showing quite some interest in medical stuff at the moment, I'm a nurse and so suspect this could be the cause, also several visits to hospitals to visit a friend. So was also thinking of the fisher price medical play set, which IIRC was about a tenner.

All in all we're looking to spend 30-40. He is a lively little boy he likes most things, other things he has mentioned is some kind of tamigotchi type affair that has a creature pop out if you look after it (he wouldn't have the patience for it I'm sure) and he is desperate to do dancing but no classes round her is too young.

If anyone has any ideas I'd be really pleased to hear them. DD loves her laugh and learn kitchen, as indeed does DS! grin


Flossish Wed 15-Oct-08 19:50:51

I meant to add I am open to all new ideas differing from anything above! Tell me what was a hit for yours! grin

Flossish Thu 16-Oct-08 10:46:57

forlorn bump

PortAndDemon Thu 16-Oct-08 10:52:28

Those all sound like good ideas. From your description of your DS I'd be inclined to go for the scooter. I think my DS will be getting a bike for his fourth birthday as he's ready to move up to a "proper" bike. I'd also think of something like a pirate ship, castle with knights, etc., but your ideas sound less generic and more suited to your DS's individual tastes.

idobelieveinghosts Thu 16-Oct-08 10:54:07

My ds is turning 4 soon too and all he is going on about is ben 10 too!

I have given in and bought a couple of the little figures to play with, was going to get him some ben 10 pj's too.

That scooter looks like a great idea.

or how about some dressing up stuff?

Flossish Thu 16-Oct-08 11:42:42

He has a couple of pirate dressing up things and a superman 'muscle' suit thing. He plays with occasionally but not that bothered I'd say. He did say this morning he wants a spiderman one as he doesn't like superman anymore... grin

So the scooter seems the best plan then? grin

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