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Quinny Buzz

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mogwai Sat 05-Mar-05 21:53:08

I want to buy one of these but the only place I've seen them in John Lewis and they only stock the blue reflection colour. I like the look of the flame red and also the purple fabrics. Anyone know where I can actually see or buy one of these?

I'm going to France in 2 weeks, to Nice, is there any chance of buying one out there? I think the purple one may not be available in the uk.

Also, has anyone else considered this pushchair and decided against it? Just wondered what you thought were the disadvantages so I've covered all bases before I shell out the money!

pacinofan Sun 06-Mar-05 07:24:49

Hi, I bought the whole Quinny package 2 years ago when dd was born. On reflection (isn't hindsight a wonderful thing!) I would have gone for something much lighter and easier to put in the car. Yes, it is sturdy, but too heavy and I got fed up of mending punctures on the tyres.

Something else to consider if you are consider using this at toddler age - at only 18 months the harness was way too small for dd (she is not a big girl at all, just an average weight/height). The pushchair can apparently be used until the child is 4. When we pointed out the problem with the harness to Quinny, they really didn't give a damn. Neither did the shop we bought it from, which was disappointing as we had paid £440 for the whole thing. In the end we resorted to clipping in an extra harness, rather than not using it.

I am sorry I am not giving you a positive picture of my experience using Quinny, but to be honest their customer service is so appalling I would look to another supplier.

LIZS Sun 06-Mar-05 08:44:35

We had a Quinny Fashion 3 for dd , now 3. I loved the reversible seat, which lay completely flat so no need for a carrycot, and found it very solid and supportive compared to other 3 wheelers. Didn't have the same issue over the straps but then in Europe you tend to only use the waist bit anyway so they can then sit forward to the bumper bar plus dd is quite petite.

My issues were that the brakes on rear wheels weren't that great (told to use only to hold it stationary, not to slow it down) and we had to get the brake blocks replaced (sent back to Quinny and returned a week later), as you might on a bike, plus the weight and overall cumbersomeness (but it was a fixed front wheel and a bit heavier than the Buzz). We also had to inflate the tyres at a garage to maintain the pressure.

We also had a problem when dd was 2 1/2 , when she leant over the side while it was parked on uneven ground and tipped it over, crushing her foot - think it could have happened with many of them though. It was great for off road terrain and snow but don't think the little wheel at the front of the Buzz would have done the job so well. They are available in Europe but not sure it would be readily available in France or any cheaper than UK. Try looking for a store called Aubert (website here ) which is a Baby Goods warehouse.


mogwai Mon 07-Mar-05 12:47:44

thanks for your advice, I'll have a chat with DH and take a three year old along to try it out!

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