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Need help fastish - is this the measurement of the curtain panel or the window in question?

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COAFO Tue 14-Oct-08 21:22:42


NotAnOtter Tue 14-Oct-08 21:25:38

the curtain

COAFO Tue 14-Oct-08 21:27:42

right... so excuse me for being thick but for example the curtaian in the smallest size... 46X54 is for one panel of curtain... and for the 19.99 you are presumeably buying 2 panels? Thanks!

COAFO Tue 14-Oct-08 23:43:31


solo Tue 14-Oct-08 23:50:15


solo Tue 14-Oct-08 23:51:02

You get a pair of curtains unless it says there's only one.

COAFO Wed 15-Oct-08 20:53:26


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