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where to buy a v small but nice looking microwave?

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littlefrog Tue 14-Oct-08 20:35:24

That's it really. Am fed up of scraping burnt off bits of stuff I've heated up off pans and I WANT A MICROWAVE! but it needs to be titchy, I also don't want it to take up ANY counter space hmm

Any recommendations? anything to steer clear of? look for?

bubblagirl Wed 15-Oct-08 17:59:26

sainsburys do cheap small microwaves under 20 pound

BexieID Wed 15-Oct-08 23:16:11

The Morrisons own one for £26.99 is good, we just got one.

bundle Wed 15-Oct-08 23:19:03

ours is on top of the fridge

southeastastra Wed 15-Oct-08 23:19:32

john lewis

littlefrog Sat 18-Oct-08 20:59:01

bundle if ours went on top of the fridge it'd be against the ceiling!
gosh, that's a lot cheaper than John Lewis though, I guess I should have a look at Sainsburys online (no car, and local one too little)
does anyone have any special brand recommendations?

ScaryHalloweenSquonkRAAR Sat 18-Oct-08 21:02:36


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