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Golden Wedding ...................... presents ideas please

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RTKangaMummy Sat 05-Mar-05 16:01:43

Have any of your parents had their GOLDEN wedding anniversary?

Please could you give me ideas for what to get mine?

Money is not a problem

Any ideas?



Frizbe Sat 05-Mar-05 16:03:24

A stay here linthwaite its lovely!

Frizbe Sat 05-Mar-05 16:07:16

Or how's about a trip to San Francisco 'Goldend Gate' bridge and all that! (Virgin have a sale on until Tuesday!)

RTKangaMummy Sat 05-Mar-05 16:15:09

The Lake District is an idea we went for family holidays there just outside Keswick as children.

San Fran wouldn't really work cos of the hills.

Both of them have bad legs

Both have had double hip replacements

They would need one of us to go as well to drive them around. IYSWIM.

littlemissbossy Sat 05-Mar-05 16:57:50

A family portrait, photograph or commissioned painting .... well you said money was no object[sink]
what kind of things do they like? give us some clues

Cod Sat 05-Mar-05 16:58:40

Message withdrawn

littlemissbossy Sat 05-Mar-05 16:59:46

LOL I meant to type - I've been taking typing lessons from cod

ButtonMoon Sat 05-Mar-05 17:14:10

We got lovely grandfather clock, a newspaper from the day they married and and made a collage of all family pictures from through the years.

RTKangaMummy Sat 05-Mar-05 17:18:51

Brill thanks guys

like the family photo

painting would be a problem as my brother travels al over the world so wouldn't be in UK long enough for sittings

Like th erose idea too {that could come from 4 grandsons

They like Classical music, choral music, my dad plays pipeless church organ {but in the house}gardening, books, rugby, and cricket.

RTKangaMummy Sat 05-Mar-05 17:20:18


A newspaper from the day they married and and made a collage of all family pictures from through the years.

They already have a grandfather clock

redsky Sat 05-Mar-05 18:07:04

My mum and dad had their golden wedding last year. My sis and I couldn't think how to celebrate - they are both nearly 90 and not hugely mobile, don't like going out at night, etc etc.
We took them to breakfast on the Saturday morning at the swankiest hotel (in Melbourne) as the both eat better earlier in the day than later. There were 12 of us in the party - aged from 90 down to 12 including 3 teenagers. It was a huge success including novelty value in being out for a 'wedding breakfast' and the teenagers had no other engagements that early in the day so only had to be hauled out of bed in time.
We gave mum and dad a copy of the local newspaper from the day of their wedding - which gave them plenty of opportunity to reminisce.

We all had a fantastic time!

RTKangaMummy Sat 05-Mar-05 18:11:19

That sounds brill redsky

We will all be going out for lunch or dinner along with uncles and aunts etc.

Have looked into newpapers and they are £45 for The TIMES

so that could be part of it

Mum2Ela Mon 07-Mar-05 22:33:11

I have bought my mum and dad a personalised edition of Monopoly in the past. I think its something like

I got this becuaes they have had a couple of companies together, and several properties. I also named the stations after their children, put their grandchildren in there somewhere too, also favourite holiday destinations etc.

Might they like something like that? Costs about £100 IIRC, and comes in a swanky sliver box. Nice cos it can be kept for years and handed down.


nappybaglady Mon 07-Mar-05 22:56:38

If you're looking for nice hotels in the Lakes The Samling hotel nr Windermere or the Drunken Duck near Hawkshead are on my list of Hotels to go to when I've robbed a bank. Both sound fabulous. So far have only got as far as a drink in the bar at Drunken Duck but may get to stay one day.

<<now where did I put that safe-breaker>>

woodpops Tue 08-Mar-05 10:47:23

Another fab hotel in the Lakes is Fayrer Garden, it's a few minutes from Bowness on Windermere

beachyhead Tue 08-Mar-05 10:59:41

We got a huge garden pot and planted it up with all golden and yellow plants and flowers. We had a big family lunch party (14 of us) as a surprise at my house, golden helium balloons, we were all dressed up in golden clothes, wigs, glitter hairspray - total mess really, but huge fun.......
Very informal day, but lots of laughs.....

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