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Can anyone help with this "grobag" question?

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threeangels Wed 26-Feb-03 13:29:46

Hi Everyone,

Took 2 hpt's at home several days ago and both were positive. Definatley pregnant this time unlike the last time when I thought I was and made so many announcements to friends, family even on mumsnet (I can never keep this kind of thing a secret). I felt stupid in the end having to take it all back.

A while back on another thread I had ask if someone could give me a link on a US company that sold grobags. I was given the link and now I cant find it. I beleive it was on a thread about grobags. I'm only 5 wks preg but I have always been one who likes to shop early for things. Babies take so much and with our budget I really have no choice but to start picking up things early on.

Hope someone out there can find this post with the link I can automatically click on. Thanks

lucy123 Wed 26-Feb-03 13:38:55

congratulations threeangels!

Don't have the link for Grobag, but both and will ship bonne nuit sleeping bags to the US (very similar except they have poppers rather than zips) - also both give discounts to mumsnet members (see the discount page for details - on the kids window you just enter MUMSNET in the checkout)

gingernut Wed 26-Feb-03 13:50:26 is the grobag website, and they do they ship overseas. There aren't any US stockists listed in their latest brochure.

gingernut Wed 26-Feb-03 13:51:03

PS - congratulations!

Gem13 Wed 26-Feb-03 13:59:56


Don't forget to check out eBay. That's where mine came from and a lot of people will be selling their winter ones now which should be good for you for next winter. Incidentally, most of DS's stuff is secondhand either through eBay or NCT sales - new baby stuff is usually immaculate (later things can be a bit worn or grass/tomato stained). It's great as it means you can buy a lot of stuff and don't feel too bad if they don't get to wear it. Also means you can buy one or two (or more) 'special' things!

threeangels Wed 26-Feb-03 14:31:50

Thanks for the advice all. I did find that site. They sell grobags from Gulfport, Fla.

threeangels Wed 26-Feb-03 14:35:04

Actually, I think their called Nap Sacks rather then grobags at this companie. I'll have to read over both sites.

kaz33 Wed 26-Feb-03 14:59:40 have bonne nuit sleeping bags for £15 plus P&P. Worth checking out.

threeangels Wed 26-Feb-03 15:15:36

Thanks Kaz33. I'll take a look.

NQWWW Wed 26-Feb-03 15:42:13

I thought you weren't supposed to use them until baby is about 6 months, or have I got that all wrong?

Scatterbrain Wed 26-Feb-03 15:45:00

You can use the real grobag ones from about 6 weeks - not sure about other makes though !

kaz33 Wed 26-Feb-03 15:51:51

Grobags do them for newborns ( 0-2 months ). I believe the french use them from birth. The advice that I have read suggests that it is ok if you go for a low 1 Tog rating.

The bonne nuit - upto 6 months would swamp a newborn I would think. But then again I could never get the hang of that swaddling lark. I have seen advertised swaddling bags, that come with velcro - anybody tried one ?

Bozza Wed 26-Feb-03 15:54:42

Congratulations from me too Threeangels. Glad its happened for you this time.

Katherine Wed 26-Feb-03 16:00:25

Congratulations threeangels.

I'm thinking about a grobag this time too - we seem to have everything else so thought it would make a nice pressie for the grandparents. However was a bit concerned that buying the newborn one would be daft if it only lasts a few weeks. Both my children have been fairly small though. What would you suggest? They give a discount if you get two so I suppose I could always get one of each!

NQWWW Wed 26-Feb-03 16:51:21

Maybe you could get a bigger one and stitch the bottom to the length you want, then take the stitches out as the baby grows? Mind you, my ds loved being swaddled as a tiny babe.

GillW Wed 26-Feb-03 17:01:01

threeangels - the site for US sourced baby sleeping bags is here

lucy123 Wed 26-Feb-03 17:45:37

I used the bonne-nuit sleeping bag from birth (with my average sized dd) and didn't have any problems. However the important thing is the neck size, not the length of the sleeping bag.

I'd buy the bigger one and get the hang of swaddling!

leese Wed 26-Feb-03 18:52:55

Katherine - I'd go for the smaller grobag to begin with (0-6mths) - my dd was in hers 'til she was nearly 8 mths (she's also on the smaller side) - started using it at 3mths when she moved into a cot, so felt the 5 mths use was well worth it! The next size up do seem very big in comparison, and do swamp them a bit - if they start to get wriggly, it can all get twisted around - whilst this doesn't seem to faze dd, it does look a bit uncomfy.

gingernut Wed 26-Feb-03 19:23:24

The up to 6 months size can be used from when the baby is 10lb (in our ds's case, this was about 6-7 weeks old which was when we moved him into his cot). As Kaz says, they now do a newborn size as well. I don't know anyone who's got one so no experience but it might be worth it if baby is likely to be small and therefore in it for several months.

gingernut Wed 26-Feb-03 19:41:26

Just looked in the grobag brochure and the newborn size is for babies from 7lb.

Claireandrich Wed 26-Feb-03 19:53:05

We love our Grobag!!! We had to wait 'till DD was 10lb to use the 0-6 month size (from 10lb) but they have just introduced the 'from 7lb' size which is so much better!

You shouldn't really use a bag with a baby smaller than the recommended weight. It isn't to do with the length, but the neck and arm hole sizes. If your baby was smaller then there is a chance that baby could end up inside it - obviously dangerous then.

willum Wed 26-Feb-03 20:20:14

Grobag now do a prem/small baby size - ds was 3/4 months before we could use the newborn size. I'll definately get the prem one when number two comes, as they are fantastic and it would of been great to use it right from the begining.

eidsvold Wed 26-Feb-03 21:31:08

we used them for dd from about 6 1/2 lbs when she was in her moses basket. Gro bag do a 0 - 6 mths and that starts at about 7lbs.

I think they are brilliant as my dd is one for kicking the covers off and these of course don't go anywhere - she still has plenty of room to wriggle around in her gro bag.

We bought two for summer but only one for winter and I just wash and dry it a couple of times a week. My dd is 7 months and still in her 0 - 6 mths bags with no sign of growing out of them in the very near future. Well worth the money.

We saved money on bedding using those.

Katherine Thu 27-Feb-03 09:45:52

Hmm tricky isn't ot. Baby due at beginning of August so think I'll get a newborn (7lb size) summer weight one and then a 0-6month winter weight one as the summer weight one will probably only be suitable for a few months at that time of year anyway. Now just got to choose the pattern.......

willum Thu 27-Feb-03 10:36:37

Katherine, don't worry too much about which tog to get as it does not really matter as they give you a list of what to dress the baby in at what temp depending on which tog you are using. This means that both togs can be used right through unless you have a v hot/ v cold house. Also there discounted offer if you buy two at once only applies to two of the same size! Happy pattern choosing

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