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Where's the best place to buy a Jane Powertrack in Surrey or S or W London?

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charleypops Fri 04-Mar-05 21:37:57

Preferably somewhere that honours the guarantee. Also does anyone know if the new "Slalom" version is worth the price hike?

Thank you

charleypops Sat 05-Mar-05 11:53:20

I might try to order one today

nicm Sat 05-Mar-05 12:55:28


not sure of somewhere on london, but have them. i know they have shops but not sure where. also if you join their email club you get 10% off. haven't ordered anything from them but have made enquires and they are always really quick to get back to you. (bought my kiwi explorer before they stocked them-and not allowed to buy another pram!!)have used the jane powertrack fixed wheel, one of the babies i mind has one and they were brilliant especially with the matrix car seat so you could attach it to the pram and you had a carry cot/car seat as well. really easy to push and it folded small to fit in the car as the back wheels come off really easily. also the baby always looks really comfortable in it. hth

charleypops Sat 05-Mar-05 13:25:08

thanks nicm!

I'll have have look now for them on the internet.

Any other suggestions anyone in the meantime??

charleypops Sat 05-Mar-05 13:27:18

Aw! They've only got retail outlets in Southampton and Bournemouth

I don't mind ordering on-line, I just want to see one "in the flesh" first..

Portree Sat 05-Mar-05 19:37:09

Happicraft in Twickenham stock Jane and they are very helpful - in-car load/unload, try out different car seat options, etc. Their shop is a few doors down from Waitrose. Also, if you contact they will send you a list of stockists.

LIZS Sat 05-Mar-05 19:46:18

There is one on the babyboom website here - they have a store in Dorking if that is any good.

charleypops Sun 06-Mar-05 21:01:10

Lovely - thanks very much, I'll check those out this week

LipstickMum Sun 06-Mar-05 21:09:24

Charley, did you see the Jane matrix came out top in this months Which? test

charleypops Sun 06-Mar-05 21:15:42

No, I didn't - Brilliant! I'll check it out

Have you decided what you're going to do yet regarding a pram/pushchair?

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