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mini Quad bikes

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Anteater Thu 03-Mar-05 22:55:38

DD1 bday in 3 weeks, thought I might get him a little quad bike, anybody got any horror stories?

Levanna Thu 03-Mar-05 23:15:50

We used to have quads at home, where will he use it Anteater? Ours (a Timberwolf, IIRC) used to tip if we leant to far/went too fast!

Anteater Thu 03-Mar-05 23:17:45

field. The one I looked at today was 100cc, but was fitted with a speed limiter.

Levanna Thu 03-Mar-05 23:22:45

Ours was similar to this [grin. 250cc.

A friends son had a little quad, I can't remember what age he started to drive it. What age is your DS?

Anteater Thu 03-Mar-05 23:24:33

6 years

Levanna Thu 03-Mar-05 23:30:39

I think they usually recommend that they aren't driven by under 16's, probably with good reason.
I think I was around 12 the first time I drove one though, and I think my friends son was around 6. It really was small, he used to drive it around their farm, it couldn't go much more than 10 mph IIRC. I think if I were to get one for my DD's at that age (doubtful ), I'd go for no more than 50cc, and restrict it TBH.

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