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What is the best trike for a 2.5 year old boy?

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COAFO Fri 10-Oct-08 10:18:00

I want to get my son a trike for xmas - with or without parent handle??? What is best? We got one a while ago for £70 from Toys r Us and it was crap, totally impossible to steer in a safe direction so we returned it. I need to find one that is perfect for him!

RubyRioja Fri 10-Oct-08 10:21:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

COAFO Fri 10-Oct-08 10:22:11

I havent heard of that... what are they? Can you link to one?

COAFO Fri 10-Oct-08 10:24:37

I just googled it - those are the ones without pedals arent they? I really wanted him to learn to peddle.

RubyRioja Fri 10-Oct-08 10:26:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LaundryFairy Fri 10-Oct-08 10:38:50

Definitely go for a balance bike. They really do work.

DS had this one which he loved (it looks really cool I think, more so than the wooden ones). He is not the most coordinated child, but got the hang of it quickly and was zooming around on it.

Eearlier this year, he moved on to a proper pedal bike without stabilizers: he was confident on it in just a few gos.

SweetApril Fri 10-Oct-08 10:43:21

For what it's worth I've seen lots of LOs around with the balance bikes so they must be pretty good.
(We have a younger DD so are still at the trike with handle stage.)

EffiePerine Fri 10-Oct-08 10:45:14

Like a bikes are good but check he can reach the floor! I tried to get one for DS (2 but tall) and he couldn;t quite manage it, so went for a Puky trike instead which he loves.

COAFO Fri 10-Oct-08 10:50:36

hmmm... I wouldnt be able to try it on him as its a surprise for xmas. So on the like a bikes I assume they pedal along the ground with their feet?

I looked the puky up as well it looks good too... I am so confused!

COAFO Fri 10-Oct-08 10:51:29

on the puky is the parent handle removable?

EffiePerine Fri 10-Oct-08 10:59:48

yes you can remove the handle. We only got it on Weds, so have not had the chance to try it yet but DH says it works well. We went for teh basic model rather than the pneumatic tyres etc. etc.

Phoenix Fri 10-Oct-08 11:02:24

We got ds one from JJB sports (with parent handle) for his 2nd birthday. He's now 2.8 and just sits on it and pushes it along with his feet so wish i'd have gone for a balance bike.

chipsandtart Fri 10-Oct-08 13:34:39

either get a balance bike or a 12" wheeled bike with stablisers. not many children can pedel trikes as you have to push forward as well as down
ds couldnt ride one so we bought him a proper bike and he learnt to pedel in a day at 2.6
he then used balence bike at preschool and at 3.5 we were able to take his stablizers off.
a trike will just be a waste of money

COAFO Sun 12-Oct-08 10:35:23

I like the idea of getting a bike with stabilisers, so does DH. So you think a 12" would be small enough for a 2 year old?

chipsandtart Sun 12-Oct-08 19:48:56

yeah it will small enough. you can get 10" bikes but most have the pedels on the front wheel making it difficult like a trike. you can get 12" bikes with parent handles i think

Plonker Mon 13-Oct-08 00:05:33

I love the look of this little trike

I think its adorable!! I do agree with others that trikes can be very difficult for little ones to pedal though ...

I also like the balance bike that LF linked to - out of interest, does anyone know what sort of age range the balance bike is aimed at?

giggleBirthdayWitch Mon 13-Oct-08 00:55:44

wouldn't get a trike for a 2.5yo <sorry>
many of them only recommend up to 36mo so you really wouldn't get the money-worth imo.
Better to get a little 10" or 12"bike with parent handle and stabilisers [sp?] - or not.
you are likely to get a lot for your 70 quid. smile

COAFO Mon 13-Oct-08 10:29:35

Thanks all very much for your help!! It was invaluable! In the end we settled on a 12" bike with stabilisers & we have already put it on the deposit scheme at Halfords! He so loves his Uncle's bike and we felt he would be gutted to get a bike with no pedals as he has a thing in his mind already that he expects... but this 12" is much better value and fun for us than a trike!

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