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'Walk-o-long reins, which allegedly give your child confidence and help them to walk....any good?

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Tobermory Thu 09-Oct-08 21:55:24

These reins

My DD has been walking pretty solidly with just on ehanded support for a few months but is not confident enough to let go.
Does this work? or should i wait and invest in 'proper' reins?

chipmunkswhereareyou Thu 09-Oct-08 22:24:10

You can just use a scarf instead if you really need to offer extra support, but most dcs manage perfectly well without.

Don't waste your cash...

Flibbertyjibbet Thu 09-Oct-08 22:35:55

Looks like a bit of overpriced rubbish to me!
I used proper reins for ds1 when ds2 was born (16m) gap. Just keeps em safe stops them running in the road and if they trip you can stop them falling.
And they are usually only about a fiver.
If you only have one child you would probably manage with hand holding.

Tobermory Thu 09-Oct-08 22:54:01

Im really tall and have a bad back which is costing me a fortune to put right and was hoping it would be a solution to avoid having to walk with my back constantly bent.

However take on board the 'don't waste your cash' line, even asi was looking I had a sneeking suspicion that it would be unwise

Thanks both

chipmunkswhereareyou Thu 09-Oct-08 23:11:25

Apparently South American parents use a long scarf under children's arms and it works really well. Imho you can manage without anyway.

Whether you'll need normal reins depends on how many children you have at the time and whether yours is a running off type or not. Ds happily holds my hand and is too wussy to run off so I've never needed them.

Flibbertyjibbet Fri 10-Oct-08 10:16:13

I am not tall, but when ds1 was on reins I only clipped the parents-holding-bit to the side of him nearest me, otherwise he'd have been walking into the pram all the time. That gave him a bit of support.
I think the scarf thing sounds like a really good idea though if you want it to steady the child and not for safety.
There are some gorgeous ones in the shops at the moment and then you get to use it for a scarf next winter smile

LunarSea Fri 10-Oct-08 11:37:48

We have one of these for ds2. A bit cuter looking than reins, and lets him carry his own changing kit, but does let him walk independently without having to bend down to hold his hand all the time.

MadamePlatypus Fri 10-Oct-08 11:44:05

We have the Littlelife backpack too. The handle is very useful even if the rein bit isn't attached if you just want to grab hold of a fleeing child.

I would be wary of anything that was sold as 'helping' walking - children learn to walk perfectly well by themselves. However, I'm all for things that help mummies. Not convinced by the bikeriding pic, but the rollerblading looks fun.

EffiePerine Fri 10-Oct-08 11:50:22

We use reins, but not to give DS confidence in walking (no need of that!) more to stop him killing himself by dasing into the road/under people's feet/over the nearest wall.

Tobermory Fri 10-Oct-08 13:38:15

Ok, so i worded the OP really badly didn't I?!

I wouldn't buy 'regular reins' to give confidence. However i would like somehting which would give her a bit of support so i dont have to constantly lean over to hold her hand as this is very painful. Think we may try the scarf idea...just to see if it helps, plus its free!

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