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Kiddycare - Lascal Kiddyguards Are they any good???

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LittleRedRidingHood Thu 03-Mar-05 19:25:40

Are these any good?

disappearing gate!
Are they strong enough to withstand a heavy three year old running into it? Or do they react more like the ropes around a boxing ring?

All thoughts welcome

purpleturtle Thu 03-Mar-05 19:31:05

We have one to keep little people out of the kitchen when the oven's on. (Dh: 'It pisses our dwarf friends off')

Never witnessed a running into incident, and to be honest, if it was at the top of a staircase I might be wary. The catch is complicated enough to keep unsuspecting adults at bay too. So if you regularly have visitors needing to go through it you could get a bit fed up with having to open the gate for them. That said, most stairgates are unfathomable first time IME.

Have had quite a few appreciative comments about ours, and I like it. Kiddicare def the cheapest place to get one too. (Brand new that is)

Nemo1977 Thu 03-Mar-05 19:32:53

i have this gate at the top of the stairs and my ds tries to climb it / run at it/ crawl under and is unable to dp all of them. It is marvellous cos it rolls back and the opening mechanism is a little sticky so too much for little hands to be able to work out.
I would recommed one of these personally

LittleRedRidingHood Thu 03-Mar-05 21:00:33

Thats what I was hoping you would say - I am very disappointed they dont reach further though - 2.5metres would be more useful!


GeorginaA Fri 04-Mar-05 12:07:25

We have one (actually have another 2 in the garage we didn't fit) and I really dislike them. I still find them very difficult to open and close and visitors really have no hope. My 3 year old can get through our "normal" gates (which is great for his freedom while putting up with his younger brother).

All that said, if you do decide to go for them, send me a CAT as I have two unopened ones - can do you a deal on them

LittleRedRidingHood Fri 04-Mar-05 12:42:19

GeorginaA - Yes i am very interested in your gates!

What sort of £££ were you thinking of for them both? I wonder how much they would cost to post?

Eagerly awaiting your reply!!!

GeorginaA Fri 04-Mar-05 13:08:52

Um.... how about we say half the price of the cheapest place you can find (brand new in the UK) on the web plus postage? I will weigh them tonight and find out how much postage will be.

GeorginaA Fri 04-Mar-05 13:12:59

Kiddicare sell them for £45.80 each... say £45 for the two plus postage?

LittleRedRidingHood Fri 04-Mar-05 13:19:12

Hi GeorginaA - Just discussing it with Dh..........

GeorginaA Fri 04-Mar-05 13:20:56

Postage looks like it's going to be about £10 for the two.

LittleRedRidingHood Fri 04-Mar-05 13:25:56

Still thinking..............!

GeorginaA Fri 04-Mar-05 13:27:30


No rush.

Xena Fri 04-Mar-05 13:30:27

Whispering ....let me know if you don't want them cause I would (cheeky smile)
(obviously 2nd in line)

LittleRedRidingHood Fri 04-Mar-05 14:04:04

Ho Hum - Im not getting significantly positive vibes from Dh - we havent got sufficient £££ - So i think they are yours Xena!!!

Xena Fri 04-Mar-05 14:12:29

If your sure LRRH Thanks GA do you wanna CAT me your details and i'll foward you a cheque for £55? Unless you anywhere near London and we could meet.

GeorginaA Fri 04-Mar-05 14:47:52

LRRH Sorry to hear that.

Xena: yes please - CAT on its way.

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