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ps2 warning!!

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sparklymieow Thu 03-Mar-05 19:21:37

For anyone who has a ps2. Today DS's 2 month old slimline ps2 started smoking and now its not working. I have phoned Sony and they have flagged this problem with headoffice and i am waiting for headoffice to phone me back. Please keep an eye on yours.
I did lay it on thick with the "my son is disabled and this is his only joy" I think that the least they can do is replace it and send some goodies, don't you??

jazzybee Fri 04-Mar-05 09:24:33

the slimline will be less than a year old, and like all electronics sold in the UK will be covered by a minimum one year guarantee. Just take it back to the shop you bought it from and insist they replace it there and then

sparklymieow Fri 04-Mar-05 09:52:40

I phoned Sony and they are going to replace it, but because its not a normal run of the mill fault it has to be reported to Headoffice so they can see if its actually a fault that could happen with everyone's ps2. They said it will be couriered out ASAP. But I want a strong word with headoffice anyway, imagine if my son wasn't smart enough to say anything and unplug it, it could have caught the house on fire!! Or he could have been badly hurt if it had gone up in flames. (doesn't bear thinking about)

sparklymieow Fri 04-Mar-05 14:04:08

just spoke to Sony again and they said it is a health and safety issue and headoofice have to deal with it, hopefully someone will be in touch soon. DS is gutted

sparklymieow Fri 04-Mar-05 14:05:12

I am refusing to send it back to the cataloge to get a replacement as I think Sony should sort this out!

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