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Calling POPSY & other BRITAX TRIO owners....

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NomDePlume Thu 03-Mar-05 14:15:26

I recently bought a Britax Trio on the recommendation of MNers, particularly popsycal. I've fitted it into my car as per the instruction manual, but it seems very 'loose' in the car. The bottom of the seat feels quite sturdy but the back seems to have quite a lot of movement when going around corners etc .

This Trio replaced our Britax First Class which was a perfect fit in my car, incredibly sturdy, compared to the fit of that, the Trio feels a bit dangerous . Does anyone else find the trio a bit of a dodgy fit ?

NomDePlume Thu 03-Mar-05 14:28:36


sound of clearing throat in echoey silence...

NomDePlume Fri 04-Mar-05 11:04:59


popsycal Fri 04-Mar-05 11:12:24

Am here....
we found this at first.....when you fit it, you ahev to put your whole body weight onto the seat hun......should be fine then....

NomDePlume Fri 04-Mar-05 11:12:54

Obviously I'm not heavy enough

NomDePlume Fri 04-Mar-05 11:13:36

P.S. was really hoping you weren't answering for the reason...

NomDePlume Fri 04-Mar-05 11:16:22

Popsy, I know you have a Focus too.... Did you find that the seatbelt was only just long enough ?

popsycal Fri 04-Mar-05 11:19:00

In the back it seems to be fine.....

Is it worth giving Britax a call??? I have found other car seat helplines to be brilliant. Mamas and Papas have just talked me through refitting the straps to the baby car seat...though I will have to ring again as I have forgotten . See if you can find a customer helpline number.....


popsycal Fri 04-Mar-05 11:19:26

Like kneel totally on the seat part when fitting it.....

NomDePlume Fri 04-Mar-05 11:24:01

I did kneel and I even launched my body weight into the seat to propel it backwards, but it still feels really slack. Might have to take it into Halfords.

popsycal Fri 04-Mar-05 11:26:23

we bought ours from halfords and i find them really shit at fitting the seats there.....

Honestly try britax website hold on

popsycal Fri 04-Mar-05 11:27:13

Britax has a full-time Customer Service Helpline to answer any queries you might have about our child car seats.

Customer Service Helpline
For UK and European enquires only, we can be contacted by email or by telephone on +44 (0) 1264 386034 from 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Thursday or 8:30am - 4:00pm on Friday. Please see below for links to Britax childcare companies worldwide.

Alternatively you can write to us at this address:

Britax Excelsior Limited
1 Churchill Way West
SP10 3UW
United Kingdom

Sales Information
Contact numbers for sales information are:
Telephone: +44 (0) 1264 386027
Fax: +44 (0) 1264 386068

popsycal Fri 04-Mar-05 11:28:17

give them a ring...

now you mention it the back part of our seat was a bit wobbly at one point but i cant remember what it was we did to sort it....ask the helpline about that too

faling that, my mam also has the britax trio and i can ask her.....

give them a ring

NomDePlume Fri 04-Mar-05 11:29:30

Cheers, I will.

popsycal Fri 04-Mar-05 11:31:02

dont forget to report back

NomDePlume Sat 05-Mar-05 08:29:45

Didn't manage to call last night, helpline not open again until Monday morning.

I also wanted to ask at what age did you start using the seat with the adult seatbelt ?

IIRC popsy, your DS is also big/tall for his age. I find that the crotch strap with the clasp on it is too short and it digs into the top of DD's thighs a bit, is there a way of lengthening it or is it a sign that we need to move onto the big seat belt ?

NomDePlume Sat 05-Mar-05 18:49:35

Bumperoo. Can anyone answer my seatbelt question ?

popsycal Sat 05-Mar-05 19:16:09

soory NDP - not been about much today.

DS is big for his age but we don't seem to have problems with the crotch strap.....

A tricky one....

NomDePlume Sat 05-Mar-05 19:18:01

Bugger. The crotch strap in the first class was longer (or seemed to be) and sat comfortably, but the one on the Trio seems to dig into her thighs a bit.

popsycal Sat 05-Mar-05 19:20:13

I will chat to my mum when I next speak to her (probably tomorrow....and ask her as she uses hers more than I use mine)

Are the online instructions any more detailed than the ones included with the seat as I have found the online ones to be quite good.....

NomDePlume Sat 05-Mar-05 19:20:39

I didn;t look at them, TBH Sorry

popsycal Sat 05-Mar-05 19:21:27

I iwll link you hold on hun

popsycal Sat 05-Mar-05 19:22:29

here you go....

NomDePlume Sat 05-Mar-05 19:24:28

All I can find is the 'user guide' download which is just online version of the booklet which came with the seat... Am I being blind ?

DD weighs 2st 3.5lbs, what's that in kilos, oh wise one ?

popsycal Sat 05-Mar-05 19:27:59

well i know that 2 stone 5 lbs (33lbs i believe) is a little over 15kgs....abot 15.15kgs....

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