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Should I get a double, specifically a P&T's?

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EsmeWeatherwax Mon 06-Oct-08 16:36:17

I'm having my second dc next April, so am starting early here! DD will be 2.1 when newbie arrives, so am wondering whether or not to get a P&T's E3/Sport. If I get it now I can use it for dd as a single til dc2 arrives, which should make it slightly more value for money, and I'd be buying second hand if I could as well. Any opinions?

SquiffyHock Mon 06-Oct-08 16:38:35

I bought mine at about the stage you are at and got lots of use from it. It really depends on your DC - DS wouldn't walk anywhere so we really needed the P&T when DD arrived (DS was 2.4) - now we are expecting number 3 and DD is much happier to walk but I still think I'll get lots of use from it.

ajm200 Mon 06-Oct-08 16:41:35

Depends how much walking you do and how well your DD will be walking by then.

Our ds will be 23 months when his sister arrives and currently doesn't use a buggy for short trips round the shops or to playgroup but when baby arrives we will go back to walking up to 6 miles per day and he'll need somewhere to rest so we have invested in a double mountain buggy.

Could you manage with a single and a sling?

I do like the new P&T vibe but as the LOs will have to spend so much time in the buggy I was worried about whoever ends up in the back getting bored and restless but if I only used a buggy for short trips I would probably have got one.

EsmeWeatherwax Mon 06-Oct-08 16:46:29

Well, I live in the country, and I do a lot of walking, spent hours walking dd in her pram! She's still in her pram a lot now, Although walking well, I just don't think she'd be up to the marathon hill clime to my house, which is right at the top of a very hilly village. I'm also not that convinced of her ability to remain under control if we go to shopping centres/into town etc. I'm completely talking myself into this here. I am also considering the sling option, but dd hated being in one so very much that I;m a bit wary of relying on it for another baby.

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