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Cheap chair - good for nursing in ... any suggestions?

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EnchantedWithEdwardCullen Sat 04-Oct-08 12:08:33

Not a huge budget, not a huge room either! grin

Twiglett Sat 04-Oct-08 12:11:20

I would recommend a Victorian Nursing Chair .. they are beautiful old chairs and you can pick them in junk shops or antique markets (dependent on how much you want to spend)

they are basically normal arm chairs with diddy legs and when you sit in them your knees bend upwards giving you a really comfortable position for breastfeeding.

I have only just discovered them and never breastfed with one, but then I've always believed you don't need a special chair to do it .. just sit down anywhere and if you want shove a cushion on your lap to support your arms

but if I did it again for the first time I'd probably get a victorian nursing chair grin

joynovemberjoy Mon 06-Oct-08 14:01:37

I've used an Ikea Poang chair for both of my babies. They don't rock but bounce nicely and you can get footstools for them (though I just used a cushion). I did need to put a normal pillow up the back of it as they slope backwards. Very comfy in the middle of the night and big enough to sit and read stories in later. If you then wanted to move it to another part of the house then you could just buy different coloured pads.

muddleduck Mon 06-Oct-08 16:50:35

Where do you live?

I'm thinking of selling my much-loved feeding chair.


LadyOfWaffle Mon 06-Oct-08 16:53:11

Twiglett are they really that good? I have one in my old room at my mums, which she calls a nursing chair but it's dinky!

LadyOfWaffle Mon 06-Oct-08 16:53:13

Twiglett are they really that good? I have one in my old room at my mums, which she calls a nursing chair but it's dinky!

EnchantedWithEdwardCullen Mon 06-Oct-08 19:48:55

Im in Manchester

muddleduck Tue 07-Oct-08 14:01:06

Sorry - I'm too far from there.
Good luck smile

btw we only got the chair for ds2 as we had a lot more space then and my back was not great. For ds1 I just used the sofa or a normal chair and had no problems. Although they are handy they are not a necessity. Any normal chair/sofa with arms will do just fine.

hettie Wed 08-Oct-08 15:43:13

ahh- would second the "antique" nursing chairs..... we have one that has been passed down the family- it's just lower to the ground (and ours has no arms so you use a nursing pillow). I found that things with arms (becasue they were often at wrong ehight) were sometimes tricky. Course you can feed anywhere but espec when they get bigger it's nice to have some comfort

Lionstar Wed 08-Oct-08 15:49:45

There was this recent thread about some cheaper nursing chairs.

ilovetochat Wed 08-Oct-08 15:51:56

i bought a poang nursing chair and footstool from focus for £35, it didn't have poang on label but looked exactly like ikea poang with cream leather cushions and it was very confy

Piffle Wed 08-Oct-08 16:02:23

another vote for poang here
Makes nice living room chair when done with nursing too
I had bad back and spd postnataly
Poang helped a lot

Nagapie Wed 08-Oct-08 16:04:26

Another vote for the Poang IKEA chair - though a while back, there was a thread on here, saying that some mums found breastfeeding in the chair hard, as the arms were at the wrong height ...

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