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Educational Toys

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ErinBaxter34 Fri 03-Oct-08 21:53:28

I am a university student carrying out market research concerning the design of a new educational toy and if you have children that are aged 6 and under then I would greatly appreciate it if you could take some time to answer a short questionnaire. Just copy and paste it into the box and add your answers!

The toy itself is an electronic educational toy aimed at children 6 and under, primarily the pre-school group. Its main feature will be a touch screen which the child interacts with using a stylus, software included with the toy will be programmes aimed at helping a child’s literacy, numeracy and language skills (for example tracing a word that appears on the screen). The toy also has the potential for new programmes to be bought in the form of cheap cartridges which can be plugged into the machine.

Please mark an X to the right of your answer where appropriate.

1. How many children do you have and what are their ages?
Number of Children:
Ages 1 2 3 4 5+

2. On average, how much do you spend on toys in a year?
£0 -£20 £20-£30 £30-£50 £50-£100 £100+

Of this how much do you spend on educational toys?
£0 -£20 £20-£30 £30-£50 £50-£100 £100+

3. How often do you buy toys for your child?
Once every: week fort-night month 6 months year

4. How much do you normally spend on a toy?
£0- £5 £5- £10 £10-£20 £20-£40 £40+

5. How much would you be willing to pay for our educational toy?

6. Do colours of the toy matter when buying it for your child?

7. If yes to question 6, please indicate the gender of your child and which colours they prefer from the following list:
Pink Blue Yellow Red Green Purple Orange

Pink Blue Yellow Red Green Purple Orange

8. Do you already purchase educational toys for your child? If so what do they mainly teach (eg numeracy, literacy )

9. Do you believe that your child benefits from these sorts of toys? YES NO

10. What educational area do you believe to be most important for young children?
Numerical Literacy Other (Specify)

11. Do you believe your child would respond better to a colour screen than a black and white one?

12. Does your child tire of toys quickly? YES NO
How long? (Weeks/Months)

13. Would want to buy the add-ons mentioned above? YES NO

14. Would you prefer a rechargeable battery or replaceable batteries to power the toy?

If you have any additional comments please add them here.

Thank you very much for your help and I am sorry if this is considered spam.

-Erin Baxter

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