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Which set top box??

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dot1 Wed 02-Mar-05 09:05:02

Sorry if there's already been a thread on this, but I've been trawling through the millions of set top box sites and it's driving me mad!

We want a set top box that has teletext and the ability to add the top up channels if necessary for under £100. Not bothered about what it looks like! Which one's the best??!

HappyDaddy Wed 02-Mar-05 09:08:59

Not sure if you just mean a set top box or a whole service but i'll stick my oar in anyway.

Most tv's, even portables, have teletext. If you want the flexibility of more or less channels, SKY does seem to be the best value. My complete SKY package is £42 a month and my mum's small NTL package is £35 a month. A small, but important, part is that SKY use proper engineers and the others use contractors who don't care about doing a good job of installing cables and kit or drilling holes in your house. My dw used to work for a cable company and knows this first hand!

Apologies if this is no help whatsoever.

dot1 Wed 02-Mar-05 10:32:33

thanks! We've got the NTL cable service but are getting it disconnected today 'cos we think it's too expensive! So really just looking for a set top box, but thanks anyway..!

snugs Wed 02-Mar-05 11:22:17

We've had our Freeview box for ages now, so it is an old model and doesn't have a card slot for Top-Up TV - wouldn't really recommend it anyway as it is chunky and outdated.

Mum has just got the Alba model from Argos - if you can do without the Top-Up facility, it is a good model and cheap.
Or have you tried looking at dynamoo - they have some good info and a comparative list of prices on there for various models.

bundle Wed 02-Mar-05 11:26:41

we have a grundig, which is OK, but bought mum & dad a panasonic,which their tv guy said was top of the range (i assume you mean freeview plus the option to top up? i think sky etc are hugely expensive)

dot1 Wed 02-Mar-05 12:05:49

Snugs - you're a star!!! Fab dynamoo website - and the set top box at Argos (Thomson) is even cheaper - £10 off!

So that's me off to Argos this afternoon and the world will be saved because ds1 will be able to watch Cbeebies as usual at teatime!!!

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