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Barbie Erika

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Pollyanna Wed 02-Mar-05 08:25:36

hi, does anyone know where I can buy a Barbie Erika (from Princess and the Pauper) apart from Ebay? Everywhere I have looked seems to have sold out. Thanks

misdee Wed 02-Mar-05 08:26:07

no idea. want to get one for my dd, but looks like we'll end up paying over the odds for one.

Kelly1978 Wed 02-Mar-05 08:53:15

I don't knwo what is cheap, but there is one here?

Pollyanna Wed 02-Mar-05 13:18:58

misdee there are some on Ebay - quite expensive though I think and highly sought after. Kelly, would you mind putting the link again ?- it didn't work for me.

Lucycat Wed 02-Mar-05 13:27:02

DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THAT BLOODY DOLL! (Sorry, yes I was shouting )

I tried for ages after Christmas to get the Pauper Erica doll to go with Anneliese which was EVERYWHERE!! I even started a thread about it here and still no luck!

If you do find one then please let me know. Am going to make a cup of tea to calm me down

bonym Wed 02-Mar-05 13:30:47

I'm so astonished by this - my mum bought dd one in Tesco for Xmas because she couldn't get the Anneliese one! She wasn't sure if it would be ok!!!
We've got a spare Anneliese if anyone wants one...

Lucycat Wed 02-Mar-05 13:32:11

Do they really sing 'together', or is that just a shameless marketing ploy by Disney / Mattel?

bonym Wed 02-Mar-05 13:38:23

Well, "singing together" is a bit of a misnomer if you ask me. "caterwaul together" is more like it - it's impossible to get them to sing absolutely simultaneously so one is always a bit behind the other and I think it sounds terrible. DD seems to like it though...

Kelly1978 Wed 02-Mar-05 15:57:41

Hi, the direct link won't work for me nether, but if you go to the homepage here you should be able to see it on there - it is on special offer for £19. If not, just search for it, and it comes up and it says in stock.

Earlybird Wed 02-Mar-05 16:07:13

We have them both (Christmas gifts from American relatives), and I agree with bonym. The concept of singing "together" is stretching it a bit. We don't seem to be able to get them synchronised. Must say that dd loves them, but the singing aspect is a novelty feature. She seems to play with them alot because they're Barbies, and rarely makes them "sing" separately or together. When one sings it's usually because they've accidentally had the button pushed.

sparklymieow Wed 02-Mar-05 16:11:21

bonym can I have your spare barbie one please?? How much do you wnat for her??

bonym Wed 02-Mar-05 16:23:37

Mieow - yes, you're welcome to it - don't really know how much I want for it - make me an offer!

bonym Wed 02-Mar-05 16:24:13

It's not been opened by the way - dd got 2 for xmas

sparklymieow Wed 02-Mar-05 16:27:56

I don't know!! I hate making an offer, I always think I am going to take the p*ss!!

Pollyanna Wed 02-Mar-05 16:31:46

Thanks for that link Kelly. I think we will have to order one from there (no idea if that is particularly expensive) . Seems alot for a barbie I must say, but dh has bribed dd1 with one for doing something before checking on whether it was available.

We already have Annaliese and it is her favourite toy by far (along with the very tasteful pink palace she got for Christmas)-I can't wait for them both to "sing" together

sparklymieow Wed 02-Mar-05 16:44:18

hehe, Misdee has just phone up the local enterainer store here and they are getting a deliverly tomorrow and they are going to put two aside for us!!

misdee Wed 02-Mar-05 17:02:56

might have to get 2 for me mieow as dd2 has still kidnapped dd1 annalise, so have to replace that as well.

sparklymieow Wed 02-Mar-05 17:06:13

get 4 then!!

misdee Wed 02-Mar-05 17:07:04

will call them tomorrow.

Pollyanna Wed 02-Mar-05 17:28:56

I ordered one too!

bonym Wed 02-Mar-05 17:34:32

Mieow - I've just checked the price on the web - they're about £22 so how about £11 including postage?

sparklymieow Wed 02-Mar-05 17:38:00

so is that £11 all in?

bonym Wed 02-Mar-05 18:07:30

Yes - what do you think?

bonym Wed 02-Mar-05 18:07:33

Yes - what do you think?

sparklymieow Wed 02-Mar-05 18:10:11

thats would be great, I could get one from argos for £9.87 but they don't have any in our local one so would have to drive to the next one (about 20 mins away) and pay for parking so it would work out the same. Shall I cat you??

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