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Bunk beds

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squally Fri 03-Oct-08 15:06:40

We need to get a new bed for dd (5), and after much discussion am going for white bunk beds so she can have sleep overs later and I can split them down so when she's grown out of sleeping near the ceiling she can have them as singles.
I've narrowed it down to either GLTC ones which are a whopping £699 without matresses or ones called Colorado by Julien Bowen which are around £250 without mattresses. (not much choice around). Does anyone have either and are the GLTC ones really better quality or just hugely overpriced?
difficult to know without seeing them in flesh how good they really are.
Would appreciate any advice, thanks

squally Fri 03-Oct-08 15:08:05

or even in wood not in flesh obviously blush

nailpolish Fri 03-Oct-08 15:10:05

dont have either
we have the amy ones from argos
very nice they are too
mattresses crap tho we bought other ones seperately

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