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Car seat safety and buying!

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familygirl Thu 02-Oct-08 21:37:43

We need a car seat, for my daughter who is 3.5yrs, about 1m tall and just over 13kg, so my son can have her old stage 1 seat. Should I get another stage 1 car seat-at what point do these become unsafe, other than by weight? I'm thinking of getting another Britax Duo Isofix. If not which seat should I get as she needs a 5 point harness, but the multi-stage seats seem to get bad ratings in Which? don't they? Does anyone know? MrsBadger? NannyL?

familygirl Thu 02-Oct-08 22:11:59

What about the Britax Evolva 123 Ultra?

MrsBadger Thu 02-Oct-08 22:35:27

She isn;t big enough for a stage 2 yet, but it won;t be long (18kg), so a 1-3 sounds sensible.

Multi-stage seats aren;t ever as good as single-stage ones, but the Evolva 123 Ultra is still pretty good and isn't madly expensive either (have just bought one for dd after fainting at the price of the stage 1 MaxiCosis). Make sure you get the Ultra though as the side protection is better.

The Recaro Young Sport is meant to be ok too.

familygirl Sat 04-Oct-08 09:49:44

Thankyou so much-that's helpful to know. I'm gald we've made the right decision then! If she carries on the way she has so far (which I know is not in any way inevitable!)she won't reach 15kg til she's about 5 and 18kg at about 6 and half! So I'm thinking Britax Evolva 123 Ultra is the way to go...

D1974 Sun 05-Oct-08 20:51:34

Not sure if you've heard of the website but there is lots of advice about car seats on there.

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