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Swim nappies online? Other swimming stuff for 1yo?

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franch Tue 01-Mar-05 20:17:30

Need to order a new swim nappy online with FAST delivery as DH is taking DD swimming on Sat. Where should I look?

Also, would you recommend any other swimming accessories (floats etc) for a 13mo? They'd need to be available from the same place to save on postage.


Newbarnsleygirl Tue 01-Mar-05 20:26:03

Do the place where he's going swimming sell them?

If not you could try Boots or Mothercare.

We got dd a float that she can sit in. It's square with round inflatable sides and there are holes in for the babys legs to go in. Early learning centre sell them as well.

franch Tue 01-Mar-05 20:30:26

Thanks NBG - not sure where DH is taking her! Is this the kind of thing you've got? Or this? Do you recommend them?

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 01-Mar-05 20:34:57

Yeah, ours is more like the ELC one.

I used to take dd when she was alot younger and then stopped. We then took her for her 1st birthday and she was petrified! So while dh was in the pool with her I ran upstairs and bought one of those floats. It soothed her almost instantly so I would definatly recommend them.

Not saying your dd will be scared but they are really handy.

Chuffed Wed 02-Mar-05 09:26:29

we've got the john lewis one and dd (then 6mths) didn't like it at all.
Try eco-babes
The kushies swim nappies are good and add a note on the order that you need the nappy by Friday and to call if they don't have the pattern and if there is a problem, they'll probably send them 1st class Thurs and you'd have them Friday. That's what they did for me when I needed some urgently.

Bozza Wed 02-Mar-05 09:30:27

The float things are good but I would also say let DD have some time out of it so she can feel the water and splash around. I use one when I take DS and DD swimming on my own for the bits where DS is jumping in etc. But most of the time I hold her and she loves the feel of the water. Perhaps take a bath toy/small ball.

Fastasleep Wed 02-Mar-05 09:33:09

We had a floaty chair for our DS to sit in and kick about but I'd recommend those for younger babies... definately get a good quality pair of armbands (we have speedo ones)... although little ones seem to have more fun in the very shallow pools with nothing holding them back, except you of course

franch Wed 02-Mar-05 13:33:31

Thanks all. Will def get a ring/seat thingy and see how she gets on with that - might as well invest in armbands at the same time I guess

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