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14 or 16 inch bike for 4.5 year old?

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lunavix Wed 01-Oct-08 21:29:58

He's I'd say average height (maybe 105-110cm??) but I'd like it to last, while at the same time he needs to be able to ride it!

Needs to be really, ahem, 'cool' and (for me) a bargain too

AbbaFan Wed 01-Oct-08 21:39:00

My 4 year old has a 16 and fits him perfectly.

Overmydeadbody Wed 01-Oct-08 21:44:25

I recommend the Ridgeback, it is a proper bike rather than a 'toy' one, DS got the 16 inch one when he was 4 and it was fine.

Overmydeadbody Wed 01-Oct-08 21:45:11

Bugger, sorry, DS doesn't have a pale green figaro, obviously!blush I meant to link to this!!

Plonker Wed 01-Oct-08 21:49:46

Dd2 got a 16 inch for her 5th birthday and could only just reach the floor when it was set at its very lowest. She is a bit of a short-arse though ...

I would check first that he can reach the floor before buying.

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