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oh my DD wants for her 8th birthday...

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HuwEdwards Wed 01-Oct-08 14:34:23

...a microphone so she can blast her gorgeous however fairly tuneless songs out.
What's the best thing to buy her, a karaoke unit or is there some kind of (non-toddler) mic with which she can just switch on and torture us?

MarkStretch Wed 01-Oct-08 14:35:33

A padded room. In someone elses house.

HuwEdwards Wed 01-Oct-08 14:36:19

ahhh lovely thought Mark.....or heavy duty ear protectors..

Marne Wed 01-Oct-08 14:37:07

get her a karaoke unit, i think you can get a x-factor kaaoke unit which has a screen and built in camera so she can see herself singing.

HuwEdwards Wed 01-Oct-08 14:39:01

oh Marne, she would be in heaven....

Marne Wed 01-Oct-08 14:41:21


HuwEdwards Fri 03-Oct-08 00:13:16

I have ordered smile Thanks Marne!

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