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Does anyone have a Renault Clio Renaultsport?

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MuffinMclay Tue 30-Sep-08 09:54:31

Do you like it?

Does anyone know how they compare (for driving fun) to a bog standard Clio?

Dh drove one round a racing track yesterday and is now convinced that this is the car of his dreams (within that sort of price bracket).

Am aware that fuel consumption in much lower on this version, and that Renaults have a dreadful reputation for relaibility (we used to have one that went up in flames).

MuffinMclay Tue 30-Sep-08 21:08:19


fairy15 Tue 30-Sep-08 21:41:33

It's a good car but very expensive to run, not just petrol but parts are very £££££ for it. If your dh wants an awesome car go for the megane 225 or 230. Is it a 2 litre sport or 187 or 197?

MuffinMclay Tue 30-Sep-08 21:50:04

He really doesn't want a Megane. I have a good friend with one and she says it is the worst car she's ever owned. It is in and out of the dealership and makes strange noises.

He wouldn't normally have even considered any Renault if it wasn't for this driving thing he just did.

We were going to get a new Fiesta (in a few months time) or a Mini (or possibly a BMW 1 series, but I'm less keen on that). Now he has had his head turned.

Whatever it is must be no longer than 4m (Clio may even be slightly longer - haven't checked). It is a second car and (apart from being fun to drive) the key thing is that it must be small.

carrielou2007 Tue 30-Sep-08 21:59:53

Yep, had the 2 litre sport in black as was due to change my golf and thought would downsize. Mistake, horrible, VERY choppy, felt like was sat on the floor, felt every bump. Spec was faultless, have every gizmo you could want but still felt cheap and plasticky. That sort of money on such a tiny car? Mine lasted 2 months before I went back to a golf (went for full on GT, god I miss that car as now have a sensible mum's car sob!!) I totally hate french cars, that is just me!!

MuffinMclay Wed 01-Oct-08 09:36:37

Aside from the inevitable reliability problems with a Renault (or any French car), I suspect that what feels fun to drive on a racing track feels quite different on a normal road, particularly pothole ridden country lanes and over speedbumps.

carrielou2007 Wed 01-Oct-08 19:14:03

There was not a lot of control either, nothing compared to the golf GTI, if you want a fun to drive and reliable and safe family car.

The other thing I found is that I am knocking on a bit now (had the clio sport about 3 years ago now) and I just felt really daft in a 20 something's car. You might not be quite so old as me as am now 35 (sob!!)

ohdearwhatamess Wed 01-Oct-08 19:34:36

Even older - 36 (have namechanged)!

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