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Anyone Got This High Chair?

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WestCountryLass Mon 28-Feb-05 21:34:50

Is it any good?

Ideally I wnat the cheap Ikea one but they haven't any in stock for weeks so I am looking at this as an alternative.


Yorkiegirl Mon 28-Feb-05 21:36:08

Message withdrawn

kid Mon 28-Feb-05 21:37:21

My DS was given this one for use at his nan and grandads house. Its fine and worth the money. Its easy to clean but one bad point is it doesn't fold up.

janeybops Mon 28-Feb-05 21:38:33

I would buy it - looks OK to me. I tried to get the IKEA one too but I also had no luck!

Fimbo Mon 28-Feb-05 21:40:54

It looks ok to me, great you can still use it when they are a bit older - lol at a 10 year old using it though!!

<< sneaks off, as I have got the cheap Ikea one (and I love it)>>

colditzmum Mon 28-Feb-05 21:41:15

My local cafe has about 8 of these, they are fine if you have enough room for them. My 2 year old fits in them no problems!

Chandra Mon 28-Feb-05 21:42:31

I got the IKEA one and love it to pieces (is the Antilop the one you're talking about?). But this one seems good value, doesn't fold but then the IKEA one doesn't either, what I like about this chair is that your child would be able to climb onto it when he grows older, I have DS asking me to get up or down of the IKEA's all the time.

WestCountryLass Mon 28-Feb-05 21:46:49

Cheers Yorkiegirl

Thanks folks, I had an expensive wooden one with my DS and it cracked along the grain in the wood and would pinch his bum when I put him in so I decided to go the cheap and cheerful route this time.

Argos here I come!

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