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Benefit eye products

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prunegirl Mon 28-Feb-05 16:14:55

Message withdrawn

Lolasmum Mon 28-Feb-05 16:19:39

I tried Ooh-la-lift (or something along those lines) and I don't think it did anything. Then again, I've never found an eye concealer I liked. Love all of Benefits other products though. I love the highlighter you wear 'round your eyes - High Beam. That makes me look more awake.

GhostofNatt Mon 28-Feb-05 16:24:30

Ooh-la-lift is rubbish, as is lemon-aid. hi-beam is nice but not eye specific.

spacedonkey Mon 28-Feb-05 16:30:07

I can recommend benefit eye products - the ooh la lift depuffer is brilliant (and works a bit like touche eclat on the under eye area, only better imo), and the boing concealer is the best i've ever tried. I know they're expensive but i've had mine for nearly a year, so they last a very long time!

spacedonkey Mon 28-Feb-05 16:32:13

bad gal lash is fab as well

romilly Mon 28-Feb-05 16:40:53

second vote for bad gal lash - gives u luscious lustrous silky black lashes

also benefit favourite - but not for eyes is dandelion blusher - makes you look human even when hideously hungover and near death - one swipe of this and hey presto - fresh as a daisy!

Enid Mon 28-Feb-05 16:41:33

another vote for dandelion

expatinscotland Mon 28-Feb-05 16:42:49

I used Booing concealer. Two thumbs down. Touche eclat and Laura Mercier Secret Concealer gave much better results for the same price. Had 4 or 5 of their creme eyeshadows. Creased and slid off - and this was in an arid climate and I don't have oily skin!

Not worth the expense.

Peckarollover Mon 28-Feb-05 16:48:00

my votes for benefit are hoola, dandelion and georgia blushers/bronzers, high beam, moon beam, benetint and bad gal thick kohl pencil all brilliant

Enid Mon 28-Feb-05 16:53:29

benetint lip balm also good

prunegirl Mon 28-Feb-05 21:18:17

Message withdrawn

Chandra Mon 28-Feb-05 21:38:23

Long time ago I got a cream to erase the dark circles from boots, more than a cosmetic it was an ointment (medicine?). It came in a little tube, can't remember the name but IT WORKED. Sorry about the inaccuracy of this reference, probably looking for somethig out of the cosmetic department may get other more feasible solutions.

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