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double buggy or not dilemma....

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scrambled Sat 27-Sep-08 14:23:06

Number 2 is on the way, and i can't decide between the following options for number 2 and DD1, who will be 2 when the baby arrives:

- buy a 'side by side' double bugggy
- buy a 'one behind the other' double buggy (seems a bit unfair on the child who can't see at the back, and I have visions of the one in front being kicked!)
- buy one of those clip on buggy pods
- buy a buggyboard
- buy a buggy board with a seat
- make her walk! (although tis a mile to our village shop!)

Has anyone got any advice? Anyone gone for one of these options and glad they did/wish they hadn't?

And i though choosing a buggy was bad enough the first time round!!

Thanks xx

Peabody Sat 27-Sep-08 14:37:40

There are other options:
-buy a 'one behind the other buggy' (a tandem) where the kids can face each other. These are expensive, though.
-buy a sling for the newborn and use your current pushchair

I don't have any experience (yet) of two kids, but I'd imagine it could be hard running after a toddler with a baby in a sling. Personally I would get some sort of buggy solution as you will be walking quite a long way for a two year old.

Good luck!

dizzydixies Sat 27-Sep-08 14:40:43

most will suggest putting baby in a sling and using a buggy for DD1

I do think sometimes but for the school run etc I bought a side by side double where dd3 can be in a lie flat carry cot and dd2 is in the seat beside her

I love it and wouldn't be without it but it did cost a lot of money but I'll hopefully manage to get some back when I sell it on

I couldn't have a phil and teds as dd2 was too tall for the period where she would sit above the lie flat baby even though she was only 2.2yrs when dd3 was born - she's tall though - a lot of people love them

I bought this one from a company who shipped it from abroad and its brilliant. I think they're becoming more readily available in the UK now though

duo easywalker

tassisssss Sat 27-Sep-08 14:44:55

I have a 21 month gap

I got an old cheap double and wouldn't be without it. Also have a buggyboard that at just 2 dd loves but there are still times like a 20 min walk into town or if I need to run down the hill to school because we're late or if dd is stropping when I'd pin both into the double.

I'm very glad I have a doulbe but very glad I got it cheap because i know it won't be used a lot.

Mine's a nipper which is a fab double.

LetMeEatCake Sat 27-Sep-08 14:49:11

Hi! you will have the same age gap Ive got...

my dd (2.3) is a good walker but I planned to walk LOTS after the birth of my ds (now 10 weeks) so knew we'd need a double buggy.

after polling my friends/ deciding what was best for us we went for a one-behind the other, £145 from Argos (in the catalogue)

buggy boards are lethal on your legs, didnt fancy a buggy pod..

the double buggy is a lot heavier, but is fun to push them both, and has a great shopping basket, and came with its waterproof cover, it's designed with a lot of space so dont think he will be able to kick her... if Id had a side by side it wouldnt have fit through our front door.

I am very pleased we chose the one we did.

LetMeEatCake Sat 27-Sep-08 14:52:23

slings make my bad back worse...ds is 12lbs already so no way am I walking miles carrying him on sideways!! I do have a backpack, so maybe for a change will use that a bit when he's old enough, its nice to have the choice.

nb. when shopping, I drive to retail park/tesco, keep ds in car seat and balance on trolley, dd goes in trolley seat, as double buggy too big to fit in my car boot

or make dd walk, put him in her old buggy a 3-wheeler...
choices choices! make each day different

samsonthecat Sat 27-Sep-08 14:52:54

I have tried lots of doubles till I found my current one. My DDs are 2.4 years apart. Double Maclaren too hard to push with a big weight difference. Graco Stadium Duo too hard to get up curbs because the oldest has to go in the front. Hoxton the same but shorter chassis so not as bad. Phil and Teds is fantastic but I have not tried it with the baby in the lie flat position as she was past this stage by the time I descovered it.
I am still using my Phil and Teds now with 16 month DD2 in the front and 3.8 DD1 occasionally hopping in to the back seet if she is tired or we are in a hurry.

LetMeEatCake Sat 27-Sep-08 14:56:27

mine is the graco stadium duo, you do only have to walk it up flat curbs, or I have to physically lift the front wheels up when dd in it, its not too bad an inconvenience though, as most pavements have a flat bit close to where you need

BigBadMousey Sat 27-Sep-08 15:16:56

I have a Mothercare Phoenix ('one behind the other type'.

There is an exact 2yr gap between DC1 and DC2 and 2yr 1 month between DC2 and DC3. So I have done your age gap twice.

We tried sling plus pushchair but even with a fastastic sling (hugabub) it wasn't as easy as the double pushchair (I use the sling a lot but not when I'm pushing the pushchair too). We also tried a buggy board and found that to be a PITA as the DC on the buggy board could 'escape' easily and got tired legs standing all the time. It also got in the way more often than not.

The double buggy has also been a big help when I had two and the youngest was older. If one DC was unwell or very tired and couldn't walk too far it was good to have the option of plonking both in the pushcahir. I wouldn't spend loads on a double but I'm very glad I bought mine.

If you have an Urban Detour you can have one in the car seat part and another in the front on the footrest - DD2 loves it - but I wouldn't recommend it for long distances...

pgwithnumber3 Sat 27-Sep-08 19:41:57

Dizzy - you should have shares in that company!

I have decided on the Easywalker like dizzy suggested, I like the Mountain Buggy but the Easywalker is cheaper but still £500. At age 2, I would be inclined to buy a cheap side by side Maclaren and pop a buggyboard on your usual pushchair.

Dizzy - can you give me the link to that company you bought the Easywalker from please?! Are you still liking it? I have decided to get a red one and get these buggy snuggles for it.

elkiedee Sat 27-Sep-08 19:50:15

My wonderful mum found us a Mothercare "one behind the other" buggy in an NCT sale for £45, I will have a 20-21 month gap depending on when dc2 puts in an appearance. I'm planning to use a sling for baby when small and hope ds1 progresses well with walking.

nicolamumof3 Sat 27-Sep-08 20:03:05

pg am so loving those buggysnuggles!! unusual and cute, i love buggysnugles. do not get me started on double buggies!!!! side by side for when they are tiny, then for 6m or so plus a phil and teds is the only one you will need and so much easier for getting about the shops etc, plus flexibility to use as a single when older one at nursery.

ibblewob Sat 27-Sep-08 20:11:11

Another vote for Phil and Teds here - I LOVE mine! Expensive though, I asked for it as a 'new baby' present from family.

The baby can see loads out of the sides in the back, and kicking hasn't been an issue. (mine are 2.11 and 6mo).

Dottoressa Sat 27-Sep-08 20:12:06

We got a Phil and Teds for DS and DD when DD was born (2-yr age gap). It was absolutely fantastic. We tried a tandem one first, but took it back as it was a nightmare to get up the kerbs; we then tried a side-by-side one which wouldn't actually fit on our pavement. The P&Ts was a life-saver (we do walk everywhere, though - so maybe it's extravagant if it's just for relatively occasional use). What's more, we sold it three years later, in absolutely knackered condition, for £180 on ebay!

nicolamumof3 Sat 27-Sep-08 20:12:25

agree ibblewob, they can see loads at the back you are right. this was one of my issues for not getting one for a year, i wish i'd had one sooner!

dizzydixies Sat 27-Sep-08 20:28:58


I STILL love it, that buggy snuggle is lovely grin - are you still going with the name we discussed, obviously mn Dixie grinwink

here is the link

coxiegirl Sat 27-Sep-08 20:29:20

Hi, congrats! I tried several side by sides, and love my little nipper out 'n' about - I walk quite a lot every day (part of my home cure for trying not to be too mad!)and it's so light and easy even with a strapping 18 month old (nearly 2 stone, weighs almost the same as his 6 yr old sister) and a tiddly new born in. I was lucky on ebay and got it for 50 quid from a seller 15 miles away.
Getting around shops/narrow bits/busy pavements is a bit of a problem, but I find I just shop a bit less and walk a bit more than I used to - it's fine in most shops anyway, really, just not the pokey ones or if it's very busy. Occasional puncture is a pita too, but I still wouldn't part with it, not for nothing, as they say round here.
I was put off in-line buggies because I'd heard that having a big heavy toddler in the front seat made it hard to manouver/ up and down pavements etc. Also the poor view for the little one (and problems with ds's wind?? blush)... never tried it myself, mind, so I can't really comment.
My tip would be to try them out first if you can - and make sure whatever you get fits through the front door, unless you've got a sheltered drive/off road bit at the front of your house - otherwise you're always waking them up to bring them in, and miss out on that essential --housework/ironing time-- coffee/tea/mn break. Oooh it's great fun trying out buggies, enjoy!

pgwithnumber3 Sat 27-Sep-08 20:37:34

dizzy, thanks for the link. I will probably order early December. I have that many name threads I don't even know where I am up to! Name we have now is Claudia. No middle name for definite. Maybe Claudia Eve. Do you think that Buggy Snuggle would match the red? I was going to go for the black or brown Easywalker but hey, lets live dangerously and go for red, colours of DH's footie team! You have the red don't you? <copycat emoticon>

dizzydixies Sat 27-Sep-08 20:40:37

lol, yes I have the red and I love it, tis my 4th red pram/buggy blush

they told me delivery was 6wks and it turned up about 3 days later - was very happy with their service and totally LOVE my pram!

Claudia was VERY high up on list for dd3 who finally ended up being Coldelia grin

was loving Camille nn Mimi though - what happened?!?!?

pgwithnumber3 Sat 27-Sep-08 20:44:53

Mmm, Camille wasn't favourable with DH or DD1 (bossy madam that she is), my dad mentioned Claudia and we all sort of said *yeah!" I have started to call bump Claudia now so I am sure it will stick. I love the fact that it is classic but not too common.

How are you getting on with your three girls? Is it harder/easier than you expected? I am worried as to how I will cope. I cope very well now, have time for my girls AND keep an ordered house but can imagine 3 can tip you over the edge.

dizzydixies Sat 27-Sep-08 20:48:51

lol @ your dd choosing the name, my lot didn't get a look in and dd1 didn't dd3's name although she says she likes it now hmm

my three are just great, am honestly finding it easier this time than when I had dd2 - she was a fecking nightmare blush

the house is a tip and things have to be planned better but thats because dd1 is at school now and has after school activities and we're down to one car but apart from that am really enjoying my girls

I used to be quite houseproud but something had to give and frankly I prefer spending time with the girls than being neurotic about the house - well thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it grinwink

dizzydixies Sat 27-Sep-08 20:49:24

btw - dd3 is Cordelia not Coldelia lol

nicolamumof3 Sat 27-Sep-08 20:53:01

love the name pg!! That is lovely. I have all boys, no room for pretty names here lol!! and yes after 3 i agree housework has to slide a little or you would drive yourself mental!! ha,ha!

pgwithnumber3 Sat 27-Sep-08 21:02:54

Thanks dizzy and nicola! dizzy, I realised she wasn't Coldelia, now that would be a bitch of a name to give a child! nicola thanks for that link on my P&T thread to the secondhand MB, I did ask her for some more info but she hasn't got back yet.

DD1 wants the baby to be Frankie. grin Or Alice. Both quite cool names actually but not what I would personally choose.

It would go against my whole personality to let housework slip but your time with your children is more important. I may beg DH to let me get a cleaner for a while. My mum is a great help as well. DH will have to muck in (although he is good) but the neurotic side of me panics. blush

dizzydixies Sat 27-Sep-08 21:17:40

the neurotic side will fade trust me!!

my dh was fabulous considering everything that happened around the time of dd3's birth but now he's back at work its all back to me lol

I think Alice is lovely too - timeless classic. We have

Isabella Jane Rose known as ella
Alexandra Rae Cecelia known as Lexie
Cordelia Dylan Ismay known as Dylan grin

working on what to call number 4 gringrin

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