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scarfs and headgear for women having chemo

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amynnixmum Mon 28-Feb-05 11:05:15

I am trying to get some nice scarfs etc for my mum as she has now lost all her hair due to chemo.
On South Today about 4 months ago there was a local women who made really nice hats etc especially for women having chemo and I wondered if anyone remembered who she was.
Or does anyone know where i can get some nice scarfs. Have tried places like accessorize but they only do the long scarfs and she needs the square ones.

misdee Mon 28-Feb-05 11:06:14

what sort of style of scarves does your mum like?

sparklymieow Mon 28-Feb-05 11:07:07

john lewis??

amynnixmum Mon 28-Feb-05 11:08:28

Nothing too old fashioned or fussy. The ethnic style patterns are nice. Basically she needs something soft so it doesn't irritate her scalp and soemthing square so she can tie it on her head easily.

misdee Mon 28-Feb-05 11:09:06

have you tried the local markets/hippy stalls? they tend to do square bandana type scarves. check the seams on them tho as i have found some use rough stitching and are scratchy.

sparklymieow Mon 28-Feb-05 11:09:29

misdee- are you think......... Kastaways????

misdee Mon 28-Feb-05 11:10:10

yup. might be a bit far for amynnixmum tho. do they have a website?

amynnixmum Mon 28-Feb-05 11:10:50

Good idea Misdee I'll try that.

Beansmum Mon 28-Feb-05 11:11:43

john lewis definitely has some square scarves, nice silk ones with no seams and nice patterns, not old fashioned.

katzguk Mon 28-Feb-05 11:13:38

can i recommend a poloponcho for outside cold wear, will try ot find a link, i got one for my MIL when she was having chemo and she said it was great, nice soft fleece. You can wear it in a multitude of styles too.

katzguk Mon 28-Feb-05 11:16:46


i got mine from idealworld the shopping channel - this link doesn't do it justice!!

amynnixmum Mon 28-Feb-05 12:14:56

Thanks katzguk.
Anyone else?

amynnixmum Mon 28-Feb-05 15:53:08


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