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Holts TyreWeld - what a pile o' crud!

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HRHMamazon Fri 26-Sep-08 22:33:20

got into teh car today without taking much notice, drove for about two seconds before realising i had a flat tyre. i was already in town so pulled into ASDA.

I bought dome of teh tyre weld stuff as there was no way i wanted to change the tyre in teh middle of the car park with DD running around.

it cost me £6! shock

followed the isntructions word for word and did it all precisely.

well its a big load of hairy ball bags. it didn't work at all. Instead i had to change a great big trye in teh middle of a busey car park, i was late picking DS up from school (he is Sn so causes more probs) DD was getting very restless. i was wearing a white was just a nightmare.

I am most unimpressed!

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