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Which is the best doll for my 4.5 year old dd?

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RupertTheBear Fri 26-Sep-08 19:41:05

I am wanting to get dd a doll for Christmas (yes I know it's only September but I like to plan ahead)
So - baby annabell, chou chou (whatever on earth that is - but she has seen the advery and keeps on about it) or baby alive?
She already has an elc baby millie, which she loves, but it hasn't cried since she gave it a bath in the paddling pool last summer, and it's never been the same since she face painted her like a tiger (with a biro)
I am leaning towards a baby annabell unless anyone has anything bad to say about it??

yorkiegal Fri 26-Sep-08 21:24:02

Hi we have the magic eyes baby born my main reason for buying waterproof it gets bathed often and spends the summer in the paddling pool,its also half price on tesco direct at the moment and the only problem we have had is do not feed it takes ages to wash it out.

RupertTheBear Sat 27-Sep-08 08:39:26

Thanks. That's another one to add to my list - I hadn't heard of that one. Still leaning towards baby annabell unless anyone hates it??

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