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does anyone have or seen this HAUCK TRAVEL SYSTEM?

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mad4mybaby Thu 25-Sep-08 21:38:52 l_page-_-association-_-us_product

Just want to know what it is like? DH found this offer and when i asked about it in a local baby shop today the guy said hauck was rubbish coz it was german build and that it'd blow over in the wind??

We will obviously have to order it to see what its like as no shops seem to stock them>

charitas Thu 25-Sep-08 22:17:17

I really like ours, very cosy and warm forthe piglet and since when are germans known for bad quality! Piglet is six months and we have used the carseat bassinet and now puschair nearly every day. I love that is is rear facing and you can ajust the recline of the pushchair from very upright to almost flat. My friend has a one year old in one and neither has blown over yet. Have found kiddicare very good to deal with. You will need a brolly through as the hood on the pushchair doesn't really shield from the sun. I would definately recomend it

LackaDAISYcal Thu 25-Sep-08 22:26:28

WE bought a Mothercare maui for DD which is the same pram, made by Hauck, but in different livery and the frame and carrycot bit were lovely, DD was very cosy in the carrycot and it's a very smooth ride.

We only used the carrycot for four months and then started using our old McLaren techno so the buggy bit and footmuff etc are pristine (still in the wrapping).

<whispers> we are selling it if you were interested.....much, much cheaper than that.....only thing missing is the car seat as we already had one, but you can buy them separately. We have the mounting brackets for it to go on the frame.

CAT me, or email me daisybump at yahoo dot co dot uk if you are interested and I'll email some photos. It's red/orange.

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