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Find me some gaudy tat!

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Tinkerisdead Thu 25-Sep-08 20:35:35

I need to get DH's stepmum a birthday present. Around 25.00ish... can any Mnetters help.

It cant be foody as she on weightwatchers constantly, she only buys clothes from bon marche nowhere else. I can only think of something for her house. Her home and her static caravan are filled and I mean filled with ornaments, doilies, photos just lots of gaudy bits and pieces. last year we gave photo frame so cant really be more photo stuff.

She's a real horder, still has valentines and mothers day cards up in the lounge. Any ideas??

wtfhashappened Fri 26-Sep-08 16:35:35

try the original gift company - lots of tat that you can get monogrammed too..... or Lakeland? Lots of gadgets which claim to transform your life - maybe she will think they can help her to cook healthily?

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