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Want a super quiet and good at cleaning dishwasher any recommendations?

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CountessDracula Sun 27-Feb-05 20:05:22

Mine has blown up today

Still means i can get nice new one

Currently have a Bosch which was vg on the cleaning front, would like something a little more stylish looking if poss but very quiet. PILs had one that had a separate rack at the top for cutlery which seemed like a good idea, but it didn't wash very well.

Any ideas?

CountessDracula Sun 27-Feb-05 20:06:16

oh and not stainless steel unless they have miraculously invented ss which doesn't show fingermarks (my cooker doesn't seem to but is not a vast expanse of ss iykwim)

MrsDoolittle Sun 27-Feb-05 20:08:08

Meile. German made and the best IMHO

SecondhandRose Sun 27-Feb-05 20:08:57

Sorry to intrude but does anyone have a Beko slimline and are they any good?

Cristina7 Sun 27-Feb-05 20:09:01

Ours is a slimline Bosch and has been working well these past 6 years. The fact it's slimline also means it gets filled up and used every day. It's the only one we've had, so I don't know how it compares with others.

CountessDracula Sun 27-Feb-05 20:09:21

Can you recommend a specific model?

CountessDracula Sun 27-Feb-05 20:10:14

Really want a Fisher Paykel drawer one but they are seriously pricey

Stilltrue Sun 27-Feb-05 20:15:53

Miele. Had a quiet one in our old house and inherieted an even quieter one when we moved. Virtually silent; we have a kitchen diner and you wouldn't know it wason when you are sitting in the same room. our top rack for cutlery works very well.

juniperdewdrop Sun 27-Feb-05 20:19:05

another vote for bosch slimline. Ours is quiet and only time I notice a noise is when it's finished.

bellababe Sun 27-Feb-05 20:26:59

ours is bosch and practically silent. It bleeps to let you know it's finished. Cleans well too.

ChicPea Sun 27-Feb-05 20:58:55

I think I have the same Miele as Stilltrue as ours also has a top shelf for the cutlery. It is soooo silent I have to put my ear up against the door to make sure it is on!!!

soapbox Sun 27-Feb-05 21:01:34

Mielle too - agree with the silence thing and the dishwasher rack on top means you can get a few more things in the bottom where the cutlery would normally go.

IIRC ours is the 286????? model. Fully integrated extra height one????

hermykne Sun 27-Feb-05 21:02:51

mine is on at the moment and this thread has made me want to throw it out, i am in the study and its in the kitchen, obviously, and i can hear the dam* thing.
dh is always complaining about it, now i know why

Anteater Sun 27-Feb-05 23:39:50

AEG OKO 8081, prize winning silent dishwasher.

goreousgirl Mon 28-Feb-05 00:23:13

My friend has a Bosch (I think) - it's so silent, they can't tell when it's on - but when it's finished the beeping wakes them up at night - doh!! Ours is a noisy, soothing Stoves dishwasher - which doesn't clean things very well - so don't get that one!!

maria1966 Mon 28-Feb-05 01:26:19

Miele is fab.Cutlery drawer at top is brilliant and safer with children about,no cutlery sticking upwards.My model is the G646SC PLUS and has a childproof safety lock( Essential)

CountessDracula Mon 28-Feb-05 19:24:49

Bought a Miele today one with cutlery drawer, is delivered and in! Now frantically cooking to try and make enough washing up to use it

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