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duplo for ds, which set is best?

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fairy15 Thu 25-Sep-08 13:56:47

am going to get ds some duplo for xmas as he loved his megablocks but is ready for something smaller now. he will be just over 2 & half when its xmas. have been looking about & like the look of the farm one. is this any good? what ones have your little ones enjoyed playing with? thanx

SoupDragon Thu 25-Sep-08 13:58:26

I'd probably just get one of the buckets of bricks TBH.

MuffinMclay Thu 25-Sep-08 14:08:29

I'd go for a themed one (farm, vehicles, boats, etc). Ds1 (2.5) has the bucket of bricks (probably got it about a year ago) and is a bit bored with it now; it is quite limited in what you can do with it.

belgo Thu 25-Sep-08 14:09:39

Most of our duplo is second hand, that way you can get a really good mixture without paying a fortune for it.

I would get a box of bricks and a couple of small sets, but even that costs a lot.

bamboo Thu 25-Sep-08 14:12:33

My ds(3) loves his sister's Lego. I would agree with MuffinMclay about Duplo being limited for that age. If you don't think he'll cope with Lego yet maybe leave it until his birthday?

fairy15 Thu 25-Sep-08 14:16:51

i know can't belive how much it is for how little you get. think i'll get a farm a box & something else for him then he'll have a few more bits to play with. thanx everyone.

MuffinMclay Thu 25-Sep-08 14:50:43

Thinking about this a bit moe, I agree with bamboo. I'd wait a little while longer and just go straight to proper Lego.

MuffinMclay Thu 25-Sep-08 14:51:03

more blush

tassisssss Thu 25-Sep-08 14:54:56

have to say duplo's been a HUGE hit in our house and ds (age 5) still enjoys playing with it. We bought big box of it on ebay for about a tenner and it's great - lots of vehicle/people/animals are key IMO. And do buy a big base too for builing on.

tassisssss Thu 25-Sep-08 14:56:10

disagree about going straight to lego. Ds is 5 and only just getting into lego but can't really do it with his younger siblings whereas duplo's a nice thing for him to do with his wee sister.

fairy15 Thu 25-Sep-08 15:23:27

thought about lego as i loved it when growing up but i have a 10 month old also so don't want those tiny bit falling into the wrong hands! shock

belgo Thu 25-Sep-08 16:00:09

My dd1 is four and a half and still plays with duplo, we tried her with lego but it is so small and fiddly, it's very fustrating.

But it helps that we do have a wide collection of duplo - from second hand shops mostly - bob the builder set , winnie the pooh set , a house, police, helicopter, boat, ferrari car sets. I still like playing with itblush

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