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Can anyone recommend a fire engine for DS aged 3.4?

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mummyineedyounow Thu 25-Sep-08 02:19:35

something reasonably robust!

fruitful Thu 25-Sep-08 14:05:04

GLTC do the most gorgeous wooden fire station (with fire engine of course). Doll's house for boys basically.

Ds also has the fireman sam fire engine.

You can also get a duplo fire station with fire engines. We have the duplo police station which is fab.

geraldinetheluckygoat Thu 25-Sep-08 14:09:19

oh yeah the gltc one is great, have been trying to persuade ds1 that he wants it, so i can get it for myself! grin
I have the fireman sam set from woolies, that has a nice fire engine, ambulance, police car i think and something else <vague emotion> all my kids and minded kids adore the whole set, they make a nice noise when they move along as they have those friction motors in, they love it because you can get people in the vehicles as well. I wouldnt say they were indestructable, but they are not too flimsy.
Or I have seen nice Tonka ones going for a good price in tkmaxx

mummyineedyounow Thu 25-Sep-08 19:37:02

Thanks fruitful & gtlg. Off to have a look now!

nappyaddict Thu 25-Sep-08 19:46:56


WilfSell Thu 25-Sep-08 19:47:40

DS2 has a nice robust but expensive playmobil one

cremolafoam Thu 25-Sep-08 19:54:41

this is sweet and a bargain

cremolafoam Thu 25-Sep-08 19:58:00

or this one from Revilo

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